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I recently joined the teach india campaign of TOI(times of india) and met some NGOs. Interacted with young individuals who were running these NGO and quite focused on helping underprivileged children. Apart from this I have also been involved in CSR(Corporate social responsibility) activities of my company. But why so many different entities are needed. Do we need to specially create entities or place where we can meet for helping underprivileged society? Such entities looks like a religious meeting, where some people (temple can be a NGO office) in favor of helping meet. Other group of people are not willing to help (some of the excuses are lack of time , do not know how to do, I have movie plans etc)
Yesterday I heard the discussion between Teach India ambassador amir khan and Hilary Clinton on education. But Why is everybody talking about education in india?. Isn’t the Indian education supposed to be one of the best in the world. With so many engineers, doctors and scientist being produced in india, what makes people all the over world talk about education in india. It is because the there are lot of people in india who do not get education and lot of effort is needed in this direction.
The question now is how do we educate all citizens? Indian government is running so many “Gandhi” schemes to remove poverty(The congress government “Gandhi” program is one of the reason for its stable majority in 2009 elections). Can the government alone drive everything? Every individual has to be part of it. Teach india campaign is one medium. Various CSR activities are also another medium. But how do we have a bigger impact. Planning commissions lays out the rules. Each budget does the allocation. But is all these things enough? Definitely not

How do we create a common religion of education to all people? Can it be done. Yes it might be possible. Teach Citizen is one of the way enlightening each individual. Some of the ways to achieve jagrut bharathiya nagrik(enlightened Indian citizen) is
– Incorporate the culture of helping in education at each level. Indian education system is so much focused today on just getting grades that we have forgotten the ancient gurukul system of providing back our knowledge to the society. Activities such as scout and guide, National service scheme are meant for such education, but how effective it is has always been a question? The best example of revolution can be the idea campaign which was aired in india-tv, where schools taught underprivileged children using mobile phones. School play a major role in any persons career and the same schools should encourage its pupils to carry forward the torch of education in each and every spear of life for everybody
– Most of the professionals working in Indian industries are educated. It is a very vast pool who can easily be tapped. But how? What will make them drive for it. The recent government has proposed to give monetary incentives to doctors serving in rural areas. Can such an incentive be used so that each and every citizen of our country will support more people with him? Section 80G is one way of donation but something more than that is needed.
– We have so many housewives taking care of home and enjoying tv serials. This is a very talented pool. Government can create some incentives for them which will indirectly benefit their spouses (it can be fame, respect in society, monetary etc). Best example can be the welfare society being run by army people wives(there are some questions being raised now but lets us take the good part of it)

The various campaign aimed at improving education has set the baseline. Some of campaigns are thought to be brand promotion whereas others call it working for a cause. Nevertheless, benchmarking will depend on how each citizen is made aware of its importance. Hurdles will always be there but as a saying goes “hardwork bears fruits”. Each enlightened citizen can help in achieving output by forming human chains to support a cause for the growth of country and good will of fellow countrymen


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