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First day as a teach India volunteer

   I had heard a lot of teach Indian campaign earlier and wanted to be a part of it. Could not do it last year due to some personal commitments. But this year I had no excuses J and I joined this campaign when the nominations for volunteering started in Chennai, India.

  Two weeks back there was a teach India induction, where I met all the NGO who had tied up with teach India campaign. But for me the first day is today because the orientation process by the NGO with whom I am going to work was held today. I also met people with whom I am going to work. I forgot to mention that I had decided to work with BHUMI (http://www.bhumichennai.org) two weeks back.

Teach India does most of the root work through this different NGO. Put it another way, teach India helps the various NGO (selected by times of India group) by providing them the committed volunteers.

   The orientation program started at around 1pm at asha nivas center at 1pm. I reached half hour late due to Sunday traffic. I think at least 50 new volunteers had turned up. Also there were around 10+ bhumi volunteers. We had discussions about various bhumi activities (such as MAD-teaching English, kanini-teaching computers, think green-environmental awareness activities etc). The orientation program also had team activities Team activities also helped us in avoiding the afternoon sleep J. All of us were divided into 8 teams and asked to decorate one person using news paper. Another game was to construct paper boats in 10 minutes. We also had a game of musical chair. Instead of music all of us were assigned 5 fruit names and whenever the moderator takes the name of the fruits people sitting in those places have to change their seat. Person who cannot get another seat is the scape goat and he has to do whatever other wished him to do.

 Amidst all the fun games each volunteer was called by bhumi team for one is to one counseling so that volunteers can be assigned the task. I have decided to be part of the MAD (Make a Difference) program. More details of MAD can be found at http://www.makeadiff.in.        

 Now I am waiting for the MAD induction program to start.


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