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SP Jain interview(PGPM 09-10) exp

Personal Interview
3 prof(prof 1 , prof 2, prof 3)
prof 1: tell me about u in short/sweet ūüôā
prof 1: what do i wish to do after MBA. told consulting. then i was asked if i would stay back in my company if given a option. i said yes.
prof 1: explain ur onsite experience
prof 2: explain about ur project work at higher level
prof 2: explain the 16 main dept of bank( i could answer 2, then he said ok leave it)
prof 2: what is the contribution of IT to indian GDP(he wanted percentage or exact revenue). i said do not know
prof 2: then tell me the revenue of 3 indian companies.
prof 2: what is contribution of domestic projects to TCS revenue( i work for TCS)
prof 3: r all western countries suffereing recession?
prof 4: what is diff between recession and downturn (give me bookish definition) 
prof 4: do u know the vision of SP Jain
prof 4: what is the latest development happening in SPJain PGPM programm
prof 4: tell me indian, china GDP
prof 4: why is india revising its GDP?
Group interview(we had director, another senior professor)
3 OM guys and 2 IM guys
questions by director
OM guys were questioned a lot on JIT(just in time),kanban, ERP system
IM guys were jsut asked about the applications that we are working on
do u practice yoga,pranayama, meditation or go to gym( i answer gym for which he did not listen interestingly. no body in my panel answered gym)
questions by senior prof
have u read bagwadgita, bible or kuran(explain difference or similarities)
was the ramsena attack in mangalore justified? Will u allow ladies from ur family to visit bars
questions on GDP. how does export/import impact GDP
u have given ur wife a important appointment during ur marriage anniversary. but suddenly ur boss says that u need to come to office because there is a important meeting which needs ur presence. what will u do?
have u read in management books in last 2-3 months?
what do u do in ur spare time?( i think people who talked abt some charity work or hobbies got higher weigtage)
tell me in two words about problems faced by india 
 overall i had a bad GI. most probably i will not make it. for any future aspirants i feel GI is very important and ethics questions answers make a big difference in ur selection procedures..
i am not sure if performance in PI, profile sheet matters a lot. But probably this is one college where we can atleast get a interview call for aspirants who might not get a call in other indian B schools(i year program)

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