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Chennai to Goa journey options

Whenver i go to goa from chennai i have a hard time planning my trip. Everytime i try to find different routes. Well the problem arises because i travel to goa by train/bus from chennai

there are direct flights from chennai once a day and the tickets are very costly.  Connecting flights option exists by default but direct flights save lot of time.

In this post i will put down the various options of travelling by train/bus from chennai to  goa that i have used

1. every thursday there is a direct train from chennai to goa. It starts in the afternoon at 1.30

2. Other days u can take the train which goes to mangalore. There are two trains on this route

     – first train starts at 11.30am, and reaches mangalore next day at 5am. then there is a train from mangalore which starts at 6.30 for goa. you should reach goa by 2pm

  – next train starts at 8.30p.m. This train will reach mangalore by 12p.m(noon) next day. then there is a train for goa at 1.30(this train goes to mumbai via goa)

3. another option is come to bangalore by train/bus. from bangalore u will get lot of buses which go to goa(most of this buses start between 6pm to 8pm


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