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My MBA interview experience till now

Till now i had a hatrick of failures. One of the major reason is my low gmat score. i just thought noting down my experiences

Great Lakes experience(17-Feb-2009)
Was pretty surprised by this call because of my low gmat score. But i was happy because this was my first MBA interview  call of the season


there is a courier company.there are two drivers. One is a contractor and other is a employee. Contractor employee is planning to take a leave because is wife is seriously ill. On the other hand the permanent employee also wants the leave during same  time for his vacation. He has plans to take his family on a outing. He has threatened to leave the job if he  is not given a leave. you are the manager of a company. What will u do

psychometric test.
69 questions.. 10- 15 minutes.. They are quite simple. Just stick to one point and mark based on that


   had three people in the panel. One was the senior prof and other 2 were alumni

Tell me about yourself that is not there in the resume
Question about my hobbies.
Current role in job.
Why MBA after 5 years of work experience
What difference i will make to GLIM
how will u handle ur team under pressure
Questions related to what I’ve written in all my essay.

IIM indore experience(12 jun 2009)

     there were two professors in the interview panle

Prof 1
 tell us something about urself
 what do u do in ur daily job 
 how is ur goal sheet different from ur team 
 what is ur focus while u are doing the appraisal of ur team
 what is ur view on politics in india
 what is ur veiw on politcis in ur home state goa
 what are ur memorable experiences at onsite 
 why do u need to follow quality process in work when clients are not payiing for it
 what is six sigma
 what value will u add to the batch

prof 2
 why is budget needed every year
 what is planning commission
 how does gdp impact budget 
 lot of cross questioning on budget,gdo and planning commssion

overall the interview went on for 20-25 minutes 


SP Jain experience



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