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Teach india experience on 26 Sep 09

Today (26 Sep 09) I attended the MAD class. I was assigned to teach level 3 kids and took them session on syllabus 5a. At the end of this section the students are supposed to

  • Name objects that belong to them
  • State ownership using possessive adjectives (This is my bag)
  • Name objects found in a classroom.
  • Name objects by looking at pictures.
  • Pose simple questions like ‘What is this?’, ‘What is that?’, ‘Is this a bus?’ ‘What are these?’ ‘What are those?’
  • ‘Listen for’ the names and the spellings of objects like ‘pencil, pen,’ and write down the same.
  • Listen for differences in sounds to identify singular and plural objects
  • Spell names of objects in their plural form.
  • List down lesson-specific words given in ‘my words and phrases sections’.

Being my first class with kids I was assisted by ishwarya. In other words ishwarya ran the full show. It is really difficult to control the kids. Me and ishwarya are assigned to teach around 9 kids(mixture of students from class 5 to 9)

 Before I went to the class I met a kid vijay(5th standard student) I AK. Me and aruna(she has been involved with MAD program since long time) asked basic questions to him like “Hello good morning”,”What is your name”,”How are you”. He answered satidfactorly all the answers in english. The teacher aruna was really proud of her student.

 My observation

–      Tamil plays a very important role. To develop a close bond with kids local language plays a role. As ishwarya states, I will learn tamil as the classes go on every weekend. I agree as I learnt lot of new words today

–      Most Students are able to spell their name in english

–      They understand the alpabets from a to z

–      Students are very eager to play games rather than listen. But volunteers try their best to teach kids.

–      Some of the students are really sharp and interested in learning

–      All together in a single room we had all the level kids. Each level kids from a circle around the volunteer and classes start

–      The volunteers needs to prepared for the class. He should be  aware of the chapters and manage the full class in 2 hours. For instance todays class we covered Chat on, My words and phrases, a memory game, hands on . we could cover some items in stipulated time hence the volunteers from tomorrow will cover the same

 That’s it for today. Before I end, details about the institute where I teach can be found at (http://www.anbukarangal.org/). Anbu karangal(AK) located at kotivakam, trivanmayur, Chennai.


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