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teach india classes in march 2010

In this classes  we  combined all the levels.  The main purpose was to conduct a joint session and check how the students react. Since we have a single hall where we handle different levels we were not able to conduct some modules such as sing along.

We narrated the below story to the kid.


We all enacted the animals for this story(donkey,dog,cat,rooster). The kids were so smart that in the middle of story they suggested that we can kill the rooster and eat it. 

Our acting skills are appreciated even today with the characters we potrayed rather than our names. I was the donkey:) 

This time we also did a sing along. We repeated the song multiple times. The rhymes of the song are below


The main purpose of this song is to familiarize students with the names and sound of animals in english.

During the last 2 sessions we conducted tests for the kids to check their level of understanding. This tests wll help us to access the students and plan for the next academic year. The memories of gone by academic year are cherishable and i hope to start the new year in june  

Cya 2009-10. Catch u later in 2010-11


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