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Teach India Classes Aug 2010

Well this year classes have started. today was my 4th class of this season. I could not post my updates since i was stuck with my preps and then a long 3 weeks sick leave.

This year we have started with cambridge syllabuls. After doing the bases assessment test we found that only few kids could cross the passing marks of 13 out of 25. All the kids with 13 or above scores have been grouped into level 3. I will be taking the classes for this level

Today i was not sure uptill what level the modules have been completed. But i had done my preps for unit 1. On seeing the workbook of the kids i realised thay they had done unit 2 workbook too..So i revised the concepts of unit 1,asked  them to write the number in words which i give. They were really good.

apart from these they were able to pick up basic words like writes,sleep,read etc and frame sentence using this words. i practiced some basic sentence formation with them. For instance  ‘tokyo is  a big city’. they should re-write the same sentence with different ctiy name. Another example  is ‘five and five equals ten’. they have to rewrite the sentence with another number.

Next time i plan to take some activities in class wtih workbook. After the class Nandu did a story for kids of the level and other volunteers enacted it. The story is on the ugly duckling ‘http://www.worldstory.net/en/stories/the_ugly_duckling.html‘. i was the beautiful newborn duckling :). As the story progressed Ayyanar was clicking photos of the kids that will be updated in MAD app

After the classes we met at CCD thrivanmayur for AK meeting and celebrating Ishwarya’s birthday in one day advance. Another saturday AK classe is over. BTW the kids name in my class are Dinesh,lakshmi,sairupa and ajith. probably ajith might be move to other level as he was not as sharp as other 3 in level 3


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