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2 Days MAD trg Session : I have the eyes :)

Finally i attended the MADs mandatory 2 day training program. Missed the last 2 and was abt to miss this one too, but then had to choose MAD trg. Why? Not sure, but it was a heart’s call

The trainging was held in Karpagavalli vidyalaya in Mylapore

Nandu(Meenakshi Nandhini) was our trainer. She also teaches in AK. Today only i came to know that Nandu teaches french in CTS. How nice it would have been if my french teacher in ILP had taken some sessions from her 🙂

The training, tutor, volunteers(kids and adults) were amazing. Volunteers were at their best when they enacted as kids. thank god my AK students are so nice and sweet.

First Day
  It was supposedly a theory class. Well any MAD class without an activity is rare. And volunteers give incentives to performers. I got two bracelets and my team got all the bracelets at the end(all the bracelets were made of paper. It is a patented method 🙂 )

i joined the session in the afternoon. First thing i learnt is the difference between Slip,Error,Attempt. Very important considering that i handle the level3 in AK(all of the kids in my levels have crossed 13 in cambridge base assessment test) and all of them are not on same proficiency in every topic that i deliver. Also i learnt the concepts of TPR(Total Physical Response). TPR concept was delivered to us by Nandu by teaching us some basic french words. similary basics of japanese and Achik Kata(language of meghalaya) were taught by two other volunteers. Delivery of words with action serves the purpose better than oral mode of delivery without action(volunteer or teacher)

at the end of the session all of us were split into 5 groups(we counted 1 to 5 and then repeat it till all volunteers got one number. so all 1 were together, 2 were together and so on). Our job was to explain the games to volunteers in the simplest english. The day ended by analyzing the performance of each team.  

Second Day

We were supposed to take actual class. when we take class we act as teachers and when we listen we act as kids. This was the most funniest and difficult class to handle.

My group got the task to explain

 – the difference between he,she

 – the different numbers

– the countries

We planned things well. I insisted on a timer and my samsung mobile was my timekeeper.we had 3 ladies and 2 guys. the ladies did well and stepped in every time whenever it was needed. we started with saying i am ….then we drew the picture of guy and girl on board through this we communicated the usage of he and she. then gopu taugth the basic no with the help of flashcard.we played bingo to teach kids the number, a buz game so that stduents can count and take the number of vehicle at the end of 5 or multiple of 5. we performed second and the first group had set a benchmark for us which we followed

All the groups did exceptionally good in performing. also it was emphasized that not knowing local language is not a barrier as far as we can communicate in english

The things that i will remember from today’s class is Gopu(it is difficult to know when he is a grown up or kid. he was in my group as a teacher so no headache),Gopu eats chicken & chicken is a “duck”,Dude(accent used by lady volunteer was polished) n sude ,relation of iccw and india, surprising smile of rhinya(which surprised me),axay who was tough to handle,ananth who was second to axay.

the memories are freezed and the time is gone. All of us are better teachers

Finally i have completed the mandatory training of this year 🙂

While teaching a volunteer who was enacting as a kid was superactive(axay). I did a small role of delivering the class on countries(failed to deliver) but got compliments for delivering the message through my eyes. it helps in controlling the kids. Associates working under me in office must be surely frightened 🙂   

At the beginning i mentioned that i choose MAD trg over other activities. Guess what it is???

it is my photography class and mbatour in bangalore..no regrets. it was fun learning and meeting new volunteers..

Oh god..Weekend is gone…God knows what surprises i have in office tomorrow? production support, Datastage abends, resource is absent…….it goes on…..


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