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Teach india classes – 17 Oct 2010

Well today i went to Dr. P.V.Rao School to take the school. This was the first time i took classes outside AK. Advantages of Dr. P.V.Rao School over AK are

  1. They have big campus. So each level kids can be located in different classroom.In AK all the levels are taken in a single big hall

 2. Each class has a blackboard. So we can explain the kids on the board. Apart from this kids sit on the bench in Dr. P.V.Rao School wherease in AK all of us sit on the ground

AK advantages

 We can form a group so close monitoring is possible.  Most of us sit in a circle. Another advantage is i can take help of other volunteer immediately rather than walking out from class and coming back

Coming to the class today. I could not prepare much for the class as i was informed today morning only that i need to substitute. My colleague was Kavya. We handled today only letters from A to Z.

 – all the kids came and wrote their names on the board in english. Most of them spelled their names correctly

 – then we wrote the alphabets on the board with some letters missing on the board. we asked all the kids to fill the missing letters in their notebooks  

-most of them did it immediately and came to us with their notebooks.Once corrected they wanted our signature to ensure that we have only corrected their noted. I also gave good to all the kids to boost them

-after that we divided all the rows into three groups. On the board we were giving negative 1 for the group which wispers or talks when other group is answering. All the kids spelled all the letters with the associated word. A for apple, B for Bag etc. we did this in group and ensured that all the kids repeat

-the discipline was becoming an issue. So the next punishment was if anybody disturbs then he should come in front  and spell all the alphabets. This worked to an extent and kids became quite a bit

-we called all the kids one by one to the board and asked them to repeat the letters along with associated words. This way we ensured that all 20 kids can spell the letters

And the class ended. How fast 1 and half hour ended i did not even realize.

For last 2 weeks I did  not post any updates because the classes that i took were not so satisfactory. Both the classes were unplanned and i substituted at last moment for the absence of another volunteer. This is where my previous experience of teaching comes. I did ensure that kids learn something.  My productivity would have been better if i had planned better 

fiAll the kids first said letters from


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