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teach india classes on 23 Oct 2010

after giving the dictate that all volunteers shd turn up 15 minutes before the class i reached at the exact time on the class. Was feeling bad that i missed the deadline but also some happiness was there inside because i reached on time after a long time..

on entering i realised that i was not the only shameless person 🙂

the classes always starts 15 min late after we assemble because it takes time for the kids to settle down.

me and jithin are reminded that we left at this page. mm..yes kids we forgot that..thanks for reminding 🙂

ours is the only level that is using Cambridge syllabus and believe me the kids like there class so much that they were annoyed when we tried to finish the class early..

after the class we had a small little discussion about the experiences/difficulties that each of us had in the class


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