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An AK meet with a difference – location change bt CCD

 A long awaited AK meet happened after a long await finally. This time the place was different but unfortunately turn out was low.

For a difference people tried out pizas but cafe day coffe was there. Previous AK meets have been happening at CCD thrivanmayur. They shd be the official partner of AK by now 🙂

What was interesting of the audience that people were using tissue paper to make notes of the meeting. Nandu came out with a nice Venn diagram to explain how the kids will be split in the class. Apart from the normal gapshap, piza,sandwich,coffee and juices we did serious discussion. Ishwarya made a note of a nice MoM and that shows our commitment for AK welfare 🙂

But if you see the MOM prepared by ish we covered/discussed most of the points.  

Minutes of the meeting:

Date:    30th October, 2010

Time:    2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Place:   Planet Yumm, Besant Nagar


Nivetha, Nandini, Ishwarya, Amar, Jithin, Sabarish, Ayyanar

Points discussed:

  • Grouping of primary syllabus kids based on the assessment conducted

      Group 1: Kids who have failed alphabet recognition

      Group 2: Kids who have failed sight words recognition

      Group 3: Kids who can identify sight words, but, aren’t capable of taking up

                     Cambridge syllabus

  • Questions raised regarding
  1. When we should start Cambridge syllabus for kids in the primary syllabus level
  2. Bridge problem when a kid fails a test and has to be retained in the current level
  3. What will happen when a new bunch of kids arrive next year
  • Mock movers test to be conducted in Jan for level 3 kids, since there are a few who have passed BAT, but are still shaky about reading 4 letter words
  • Mapping volunteers to each level


  Saturday Sunday
Group 1 Divya Shikha
Group 2 and Group 3 Sabarish, Rinya, Shruthi and Debdyuthi Nivetha, Jamuna, Srividya and Savitha
Cambridge Amar and Jithin Mahesh and Bhuvaneshwari


  • Implementing a ‘Class Buddy’ system. An experienced volunteer will be a ‘buddy’of a new volunteer. So, the two of them can exchange lesson ideas and interact amongst themselves. Class buddies will be shuffled once in 2 months to improve volunteer interaction
  • If volunteers don’t turn up for 3 consecutive classes, they will be asked to move out of MAD
  • Importance of pre-class and post-class discussion. All volunteers should be present 15 minutes before and after class to discuss lesson plans and activities that were conducted
  • Mentor/ Trainer surprise visits to the Centre
  • Making up for the cancelled classed. Possibility of evening classes
  • Posting feedback on MadApp as well as Orkut threads
  • Maintenance of volunteer as well as kids attendance list
  • Exploitation of computers for teaching English through interactive games CDs
  • Usage of extra materials, like flash cards, for activities and not limiting ourselves to only the textbooks
  • Exploration of the ‘AK Library’
  • Books and Materials storage. Books and notebooks of the kids to be maintained separately level-wise.
  • Resources bought for a class will be reimbursed on producing a bill
  • A short description of ‘How your class went’ to be sent to Nivetha, after every class
  • Regular meetings to be held from next month. Ideally, all the volunteers must attend the monthly meetings. If not, atleast one volunteer per level from each batch should be present
  • Centre of the month and Volunteer of the month awards


Action Items:

S. No. Action Assigned to
1 Excel sheet containing the assessment scores of the primary syllabus kids Nivetha
2 Class Buddy system mapping Nandini and Ishwarya
3 Discussion with Lakshmi Ma’am regarding arrangement of extra classes and separate classrooms Nivetha
4 Intimation of roles and responsibilities of batch heads and centre head Nandini
5 Collecting all the class materials back Debdyuthi
6 Keeping a check on the blogs Amar
7 Visit to AK during the diwali weekend The team
8 Checking Venkatesh’s BAT score Nandini

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