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A day in office planning for client visit

Past 2 days i have been busy with the client visit arrangements. It is majorly about concentrating on the arrangements and preparing the required ppt

today i reached by 8.30a.m to office. As i was about to enter my office i noticed the HR passing by. I remember about my promotion that has been initiated. Yesterday my boss had told me that it has been approved at all levels and it is pending with corporate. Something was not convincing me. I talked to the HR. She told me things clearly. That if i had a

– consecutive rating of 5 twice last year i would have been promoted. Something inside me felt bad about my old boss on why he gave me a low rating. Also the justification given or the people who were given 5 were not at all worth it in-spite of me working. But i convinced myself forcibly. Frankly my mood was down. But i realized my other pending tasks. Confirmed with HR status of promotion of my team which i have initiated. At-least i was happy that they will get it.

-another task that was pending was the on-boarding of 2 new resources in my team. There background verification has been on hold for long. Got things clarified.

Oh god. the time had passed so fast that i forgot about the client presentation. I had come early for the same with my colleague. my colleague needs to leave early to for a doc appointment.

gosh as soon as i arrive at my desk with my coffee i start getting calls. Well i quickly jolt through my emails and realize that my work load of technical is minimal. to be frank enough my project colleagues are good. they can do it. I do have self realization too that i should do some technical work. But i need to prioritize for today. today’s priority is client ppt and all the relevant preps

first i send an email to the admin guys to arrange cab. after sending the email i realize that clients will be coming by their own cab. Fine!! i call back and cancel it. Next thing is to start jolting down the points for the presentation. In the middle i go to the offshore module lead to send across the production support plan to on-site and assign one pending work  to another resource.

Now back to my desk i start the ppt. I see that the colleagues  who is supposed to help me is busy with their work. i share the good news about promotion to another colleagues and start going through the docs. in the middle i get a call to allocate a resource to a system so that she can be billable. It is the fifth reminder for me so i immediately complete it and start the ppt. in an hour i have collected all the data

as i was feeling tired i take a break from my desk and call my fiancee. She was free. I talk to her for some time and then restart my work. When i come back at my desk i see folks already waiting to ask him something. I was thinking what the question will be. Immediately one person responds saying “amar” we have come here to tell you something and not ask something. I was like WOW..that’s nice. The info is that “the fun event that i had planned to conduct today will not be done”. Well i was relaxed but all yesterday work will be on hold.

Any-way’s my ppt is hardly ready. i got multiple calls but still my answer is “work in progress”. at 12 we have a team meeting for winding up the “Christmas PAL” game. at 12.30 we start discussing about tomorrow’s client visit. My new boss comes and explains the full team about the client visit tomorrow. Also he lists down the questions that we need to ask the clients tomorrow and the associates name.

at 2’o clock i go for a meeting with TCS folks from the BI lab. They will be giving the presentation to my clients on TCS BI Capabilities. Past meeting with BI folks by client has not helped much but lets see if this helps. lot of input to the folks need to be given by us. I got lot of cribbing to do about this folks. But anyways it does not make sense now..

i have my food at 3 and then immediately attend a meeting at 3.15. the meeting gets over by 4. in this meeting we discuss a lot about new security procedures, client audit and some points which project managers should adhere too. I am back to my desk and by 5p.m the first deck of my ppt is ready. i sit with my boss and finish the first review. By 7 the slide is finally ready.

i sit with the boss and make a list of action points to be addressed before client comes tomorrow. as of now the client presentation, lunch, conference room, agenda,entry pass to office premises has been finalized. oh god i have another client meeting in an hour. i call up my colleague and ask her to join the meeting.

After doing everything i come to my desk to see about 120 unread emails and 8 pings by different people. First i address all the pings and say apologies wherever needed for the late response. Then i have small discussion with my module leads, new boss and old boss about tomorrow’s meeting. We decide on how we will drive tomorrow’s presentation. A long day is about to end. I get a call from my fiancee. I have a smile on my face. But the trouble now is board a boss which will take me to my home. It is another trouble while leaving office. After 15 minutes standing i finally catch a bus and start chatting with my fiancee. after i finish my chat i realize that the person sitting next to my seat is my office colleagues. Wow that’s nice. 45 minutes journey from office to home will be nice chatting. This chat was helpful. Tomorrow i am going to get a novel to read.

a long day over. Time to catch some sleep


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