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Treasure Hunt – Rules and Games done by us

we had 5 teams. We printed the logo of five different places(logo of hotel,logo of pharmacy) on a A4 sheet. Cut theses paper into 8 pieces. On each of the piece we wrote the clue and placed the clue at different locations. After the 8 clue is located the team should form a full logo. The logo will take them to the place where 9th clue is placed. From here the team will get the final clue to the treasure

If the runing around is more –  the clues are a little easy and vice versa. the first chit is chosen by the team based on lots. if the team is not able to decode a clue, they can get the help of organisers but they loose 10 points. Below is the traceability document that we prepared to keep track of the clues

We places the clues at each location. The wording that were present in chit

Cabin –The brightest Merrill Moon rises and sets in the West. Hurry Up!!! Your treasure is waiting in this horizon.

Nano  – 1/ 109

Restricted area door – Khul jaa sim sim! Bad Luck – even Ali Baba is restricted entry into Merrill cave.

Merrill principles – tcs.odc.ml.com stands on these 5 Pillars.

– Client focus

– Respect for individual

– Team work

– Responsible citizenship

– Integrity


Mlserverjnr – Merrill Lynch Waiter lives on the Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

He follows a common path to his home.

His house’s unlock code is ‘Jaguar’

Shredder – Safest place for old information.

Metal detector – A sound welcome for an armed man. Hands up!!!

Floor mat near the metal detector – You stamp on my soft head to start your day.

White phones – In our brains, the grey matter matters. The white matter is dwindling. Find the lesser existent cells for your next gyan.

Grey cupboards – These grey rocks HOLD more secrets than you know. Leave no rocks unturned to find your secret.

Pedestal fans – This monster on wheels is more dangerous for an already windy Siruseri.

Cubicle Numbers – Good Night!!!! It is 6-2 pm.

Team/Levels 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Final Treasure
Aria start Nano EB3 fountain White Phones 7th floor xerox Call a number Aish GN red pipes FloorMat Apollo Logo Cabin
Nano start Cylinder room Call a number Vani GN EB3 – floating fountain restricted area door 7th floor pantry luggage room metal detector Ratna Logo Cabin
Safari start Floor mat kulfi garden light(5-6) Nano Industrial canteen Ambulance Grey Cupboards GN IB Logo Cabin
Rover start EB3 – floating fountain mlserverjnr metal detector luggage room 7th floor xerox GN Cylinder room Shredder Sodexo Logo Cabin
Jaguar start Merrill principles Falcon spider EB3 fountain restricted area door Ambulance Pedestal fan kulfi GN Saravana Logo Cabin

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