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Appraisals : A Game to differentiate people purposely

I call it purposely because the curve has to be fit. Even if they are good you have to differentiate them…

-For instance 5-10% in top bands(most of the time your bosses will end up getting by default in these or if you are a fresher doing exceptionally good(very rare))

-20-30% in second band(top performers this is the most obvious pool. sometimes when attrition is high the percentage is increased)

-30-50% in third band(if you are doing your job properly and not annoyed anybody then you will definitely fall in this category. But senior folks just doing work is not enough..extra load/activities need to be done. )

-10% in fourth band- worst performers are put in this. if you are quitting the organization during the time of appraisal or changing the project then the risks are  high. Not doing work is enough to put in this band…

-fifth band is also there. I never have put anybody in this. But during recession this is the common band used to fire people.Seniors not working beaware 🙂

For any lead or individual appraisals are the toughest time to face. Friends becomes enemies. Not because they want to. It is just because un justice has been done. What is justice for you might be un justice for you..Well i might be a lead but i have felt the unjustice has been done to me lot of time or i have to do it.. It is just that we are part of a system which has to be followed…that’s it…

Well the bargain are very simple. I have seen people being rated better because

– they are threatening to quit/not got visa

– they are relatives of some big shot

– forced to do a work because his boss wants him to do and not because he is willing. for instance a programmer is made to work in administration.

People rating lower because

– he just got a hike and promotion

– going to on site

Irrespective of the reasons, making all happy at the same time is really tough. With the productivity per resource being monitored more and the expectations increase, everybody has to buckle their belt to gear up their expectation. Frustration,hatred,confusion,’why me’ are the common things after appraisal.

Well from a top management perspective it is the headache of respective stakeholders. For instance it is my headache for my team..my boss headache for us. My boss boss headache if my boss and his colleagues are unhappy. So hierarchical chain follows

But life has to move on. I have seen it for so many years. One of the  irritating comments that i have heard is “You have been rated quite high in early stages of your career”. Sometimes anger comes out from deep inside..but this is not finally the end of the career or life..Work satisfaction or deep inner insight is needed. To take the positive out of the whole discussion and just move on… Life chaltha hai yaar…….


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