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World Sparrow Day – 20th March 2011

House Sparrow is one of the earliest bird that i have remembered seeing in my childhood. Herds of them used to come to my garden in the evening and i remember offering them food whenever i felt like playing with them. They used to make sounds while eating and used to return every evening for their meals.. Time moved on , i became busy with my aspirations but Sparrow are about to become an extinct species now. Their number are dwindling drastically and their habitats are getting destroyedSparrowJust recollecting my memories i used to play with them when i was in guwahati and then later in goa. The reasons for diminishing population of sparrows in unclear? Certainly, there is no one single reason for the decline of house sparrow. Its slow but noticeable disappearance has been labeled as one of the biggest mysteries of recent times. A leading newspaper in the United Kingdom – a country that has witnessed one of the biggest declines of the house sparrow population in recent times – declared a cash prize to anyone who could solve the mystery. Needless to add, the reward lies unclaimed.

Some reasons are destruction of its habitat,  lack of insect food for the young, the increasing microwave pollution from mobile phone towers etc..The World Sparrow Day  is  celebrated on 20th March across the globe to raise public awareness about the decline of  house sparrow and throw light on the problems faced by the species in its daily fight for survival.

It is not just a one-day celebration of the  fast-disappearing sparrow, but an attempt to bring sparrow lovers and nature supporters on a common platform, and kick off a conservation movement to save the common flora and fauna of the world. The theme this year is  ‘Chirp for the sparrow! Tweet for the sparrow!’ This is a call to you, our friends across the world – individuals, institutes, companies and experts – to spread the word to save the sparrow and other common species. You can do it easily, by using your everyday communication devices: your mobile phones, emails, telephones as well as sharing thought on websites, social networking sites, blogs and every other possible platform.


More details on http://www.worldsparrowday.org/

Some of the articles from the newspaper are




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