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Year end appraisal Results out

Today finally the year end appraisal results are out. It is a day where u break down, feel demotivated, happy, excited,angry,leaving the job,start thinking of financial constraints..what not..thought process runs

Some Happy people comments

– i do not know men how i get it. i did not expect it but i got it

-what big deal is this. I get it every year. If i had not got this i would have not at all worked..

-thank you company name. People have posted in social media websites thanking their employers


Some Unhappy people comments

-i feel demotivated by this number. i do not think justices has been done to me. I do not want to work from tomorrow

-this rating has screwed my financial planning. How will i pay my EMI??

-he gave me this rating because i am not from the same community. they also speak same language..

Probably comments are so dynamic that people just blurt them out even before they think.

But an individual like me who is an appraiser(face the burnt of all comments from my appraisee) and a appraisee(not convinced. But my appraiser has ensured that he gets the top polish). An anguish is there.

A phenomena that i have seen for so many years. Some people handle it with a fist and some people try to analyse. But the overall point is you are being tryed to convince what you are not just because he/she needs to get the better one. Out of the five bands that are released

A – top most. You feel you are on the top

B-all cannot be given A. though you are capable of A you will be given B by showing faults,just because his/her best pal or long term trustee should not loose the band A

C- if you perform well without giving any headaches. But nowdays crying happens for giving this also. It is also how you project it. This is the normal band and you are ok

D- danger zone. You are the worst among the people that you choose. Danger of not getting promotion and lot of other stringent rules

E- the shameless and the worthless. Not seen anybody.


Band is also an ego massage for people to show what they are capable of though on paper though he/she is just shouting on others or forwarding emails or sitting in a cabin eating biscuits or sitting in a cabin sending emails to complete tasks.

Finally one thing is sure, smart people make their move fast and right times. If you do not have the appetite for risk or want to be in your comfort zone then think what next time can give you better band. But you should also pray that no new rules or a new boss comes.

Enjoy your bands. If you got a salary hike then congrats. If your salary is gone(if it goes from band A to C) done then you are big time loser. Do not worry because there are many otherĀ  ways of making money.

Being happy and healthy is the most important asset.


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