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Ownership of deliverables

there was a nice discussion i was having with my dad and couple of friends earlier. It is about taking ownership of what you do. My mom cooks food for us. She takes ownership and ensures that right nutrients are there in my food. My dad is the sole bread earner and he plans his finances well so that he can take care of the house.

So where does this deliverable come into picture. Well the deliverable i meant over here is the output of work assigned to you. People take it , do the work and leave office on time. At the end of day they will say i have done as was told and i am leaving. Then there is another bunch of people who applies their brain apart from the requirements given and their ideas are short-back saying focus on what is given.

Two bunch of people and the third bunch that i notice is people who do not do themselves and try to instigate others on not doing it. This things are only learnt based on observation and not by each individual. Probably if each and everybody was owning then there would not have been a need of leader. Because when we create a leader he/she is explicitly told that you are the owner. The individuals who assist these leader will be the next chain of leaders.

Not to forget the enterprenurs who have taken ownership, thought out of box and took the biggest challenge to set up their own firm.


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