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Making right decisions when emboiled in multiple thoughts

Human mind can never remain idle. An idle mind is a devil’s brain but also note that an idle mind gets rusted. But that does not mean that we can pester our mind behind a  limit. This will cause fatigue or stress.

As i was working in office Yesterday, i realized that human thought process is an evolving process. Being in night shifts from past 1 and half weeks, i am trying to adjust my sleeping cycles by sleeping in day and working at nights. One way it is good for me that i used to sleep late by 1a.m and get up by 9.am. But has days pass by i am feeling that day shifts are better because you have lot of people around and the energy level is different.

This being a short weekend yesterday there was a quite a bit of thought process going on in my mind if that it will achieved or not. Personally for me it is important because i am moving from management to full technical work now. Now that all eyes on me i have to be careful. While driving to office i try to elude my though process for some time so that i can concentrate on driving. But that was not the case tomorrow. One funny thing when i go to office in the evening is that the traffic is very less when i am going and on the opposite lane the traffic is high(people are coming back from day shifts). As i was about to reach office i was stopped by a barricade of cops. I was so deep in my thought i just obliged to there procedure and showed them all the docs. To my surprise none of them were traffic cops but all of them were carrying heavy machinery with them. Suddenly i was thinking what was going on because in-spite of showing all docs they where checking something more. I started thinking i might have to bribe them something since my driving license was from goa. later i realized that the cop wanted to confirm with his senior if any other documents need to be checked,Since  i was the first scapegoat yesterday. Things went smooth and i was let off without any demands. This process just changed my thought process a little bit and the time till i reach office and open my email, i was thinking nothing.

As opened my emails i just noticed that my mail box had not refreshed and it will take another 10 minutes for all the emails to get loaded. A coffee and an empty office was what i was enjoying. As i was settling down i got calls on the status of work. Yesterday it was a very critical delivery and the call was from a program manager. But to my luck my offshore team had done a great job. They had completed the full run and shared the results, which was enough for the business analysts to proceed with their analysis. But i had to convince the program manager that whatever i had done was correct so that the can explain it in his meeting with the business users.  But till the BA had given their signoff we could not be sure that what we have done is correct.

From next week there will be no onsite support so i was going on through notes when suddenly a googly was thrown by my sweetheart in one message. I was not sure how to respond and ended up screwing it . But she understands things better than me and a better manager than me :). In the midst of thoughts i suddenly got a ping that the run was perfect and the Business analyst has given the signoff. A first hand experience of managing multiple things.

As the day was about to be ever i got a call from the program manager who was in all praise for the work and explaining me his plans once i travel. It was good of him to share it with him. But somewhere i was feeling am i being made a scapegoat. The discussion went for long both on personal and technical.Overall the day ended good, but a lot of decision had to be made at right places prioritizing the thoughts in the brain as they come.

What a way to end my day. A sudden rain showers completely drenched me at night. It was refreshing but the real pain off getting wet starts the next day.


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