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Night Shifts

A dreaded term for office goers. When you ask anybody about doing a night shift, the first word will be no and later other excuses(valid,not valid) will turn, I will be working on continuous 5 weeks night shift(by the time complete it). Any incentive for doing so. Rs 360 bugs and lure that i will be traveling to onsite…thats it.

what i put at risk is my health. So far so good.

That’s not all about it. What i learnt till now
1. The meaning of independence. In the morning you have lot of colleagues around you who can help you. But at night it is not so. You have to be smart and able to manage on your own
2. the people with whom you interact are different. Expectations are different

3. Sitting in india you cannot feel the atmosphere of US, but for sure you work commitment is noted

4. There is calm in the office. I do not get involved in gossips and other works. Can work on my deliverable in a focussed way

After a hectic day, I have freedom of traffic while driving back home.So no headache. It is good to go to bed when the birds wake up everybody else 🙂


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