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Will Assessing your supervisor help you as a supervisor or appraisee

Well it has always been the case that the supervisor access/reviews an appraisees. But how would it have been if an appraiser also assessed his supervisor. I am sure most of appraisees would have wanted their supervisors to be thrown out 🙂 🙂

Irrespective of anybodies views, there should be some medium by which a supervisor can be assessed. Such assessment  will not only help the company but it will also help an individual in becoming a better leader. When i go to the project audits i always ask how are associates grievances addressed? The auditee or PL says that appraisee knows whom to talk to. Another common answer is that  the HR team are supposed to listen to the grievances. But these platforms are not appropriate since comments/discussions are not passed properly to individuals.

I remember an instance where a lady associate was called by a client manager at nights for silly reason. The call was for a issue of a deliverable but it was not urgent. It could have waited till morning. Repeated call finally frustrated her and she complained about the clients to my company managers. Mine company managers took it up with the client manager. The calls at night stopped  , but clients started  pinpointing flaws in the work that we do explicitly in each and every meeting.This was a ripple effect of the complaint.  Both individuals in this example had crossed a limit but nobody took it in the right spirit.

Some of the better examples of assessment that i noticed in  my career are

  • A good friend of mine was managing a big team. he had kept a  box outside his cubicle. Any body from  his team was free  to drop any suggestions/complaints. It was up to the individual if he/she wanted to be anonymous. This was good and successful exercise. His team members told points about him which awakened him and he started following those. even other complaints he analyzed and acted as and when needed.
  • Every month we used to devote a day for team activity.  In the month of December we planned a game in which each person acts out about other person. It was communicated that every thing should be in the spirit of game The associate who acted as me quite often folded his sleeves and got up from the chair to look  how others  are doing work. Well there was no harm in this actions, but i realized that some points which i ignore get automatically attached to my personality

All of us work for salary and all the actions as part of job are done because we have been assigned to it. A corporate leader is judged by the revenue whereas a political leader is judged on how he leads/delivers a growth of the country. If you wish to be a good leader , try to get some feedback from your team about yourselves. Be ready for the negativism. No body can be cent percent perfect but an attempt can be made to do so since by removing a bad behavior we become a better person


2 thoughts on “Will Assessing your supervisor help you as a supervisor or appraisee

  1. Actually many companies today are promoting 360 degree appraisals.. where the team appraises their boss. How many teams actually implement it is big question though 🙂


    1. I agree with Seeta on this. Lots of organisations do the 360 appraisal now. When I Was still working with a corporate conglomerate, I led a team of 25 and we had appraisals that worked both ways. Needless to say, I didn’t always get flattering reviews. But I’ve also seen it work the other way round – You scratch mine, I scratch yours. After all, a salary hike in up for the take most time.


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