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A day in onsite office

Days in onsite office is a never-ending a day. Especially when you have an offshore counterpart for whose work you are answerable.

It all start’s from home since there is a flexibility to work from home(blessing in disguise sometimes). Get up and check office email to get an idea on what work has happened overnight. Once you have an idea about the work  just get ready so that you can join the early morning meeting(mostly 9a.m). If you do not manage to reach the office, then join the meeting through the phone(I feel network in US is not the best compared to india). In the meeting you will get an idea how your day will go. Whether the offshore team has completed the work or if there is any issue.

Once in office, again check the email to be sure that you got all the information correctly. Within an hour once you reach the office complete the calls with offshore so that you do not end up disturbing them after work(Most of the time you have to call them. Incase they do not pick up due to ton of reasons the final sufferer will be you because you have to answer the clients)

Once done, just take a deep breath and you realize you are getting pinged for some status or client is getting ready at his desk to walk to my desk with questions. Some clients who work hard compel you to work& think smart. Smart is important because you need to manage all the clients and their works. Also people relationship is important with clients. It might be so to do with offshore team. I had problems in past and this time too. But in the overall framework the work gets done.

In the 8 to 9 hours  that you are in the office,

1. there are multiple meeting discussing about existing and future projects

2. Check with each clients on the work that has been done by the offshore, help them in their analysis and check the next work that needs to be done

3. half an hour lunch time and another half an hour to relax(if you are luck). Otherwise this one hour flies off

4. apart from this if the offshore team has assigned some work, then get that work done in the midst of all these things

Before you start from office, you need to ensure that you are clear on the work that needs to be handled by offshore and clients are not waiting for your input to start/complete their work

Once you are back to home, if there is any work pending then log in from home and get it done. At night send over the final work to offshore and be ready to wake up and answer any calls/queries as and when it arises



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