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Improper planning can wreck a project

i have seen my dad making a note of his expenses every day in my whole life. After coming from office even though he was tired he used to never forget to open his book and make a note of the expenses.

Every month end and after the salary my parents used to discuss lot of things. Whenever we used to go to shopping they used to discuss lot of things.

Most of the above 2 statements are outcomes of experience and necessary for planning. Above things also come with experience. Let compare this with industry. We have managers who have been trained in schools with multiple case studies and there are others who have become managers based on their experience.

It is never an easy task of planning. A project manager who cannot envision the budget will always lands in big trouble and become the talk of the group. Well i would not like people in my group to talk about me saying that my project got closed because of bad planning. Project getting scrapped due to incorrect business requirements or stopped funding are common across different group. But the effort done in saving the ship and planning never get unnoticed.

In fact there are organisations today who reward project managers for failed project after evaluation projects on various parameters. It is solely because they want to see how innovative  PM have been and what action have been taken to save projects. As a saying goes ‘failures are the stepping stone of success’. In some of my Project management classes i have heard case studies which talk big about failed projects too. At last what i have learnt is that sometimes a failure is a blessing in disguise.

But failure cannot taken for granted at all. It can impact the career growth too. My ex boss 15 years career came to an abrupt halt because he could not deliver a single high-profile project (he has handled many projects before). Right from day one most of us knew that this project will not work. And our forecast turned out to be true and the boss put down the papers. But today the same boss is in a good role in another organisation. So failures some times can cost you your job or appraisal.But most important thing is to learn and the ability to project the failure in a positive frame of mind

Last month there was a big downsizing in my project. For the same project ramp up , the same manager was running here and there to my boss to find resources, 3 months ago. I myself also had to hurry my on site travel due to this. But today things have changed . thanks to recession.

People say that it is improper planning. It might be but for sure nobody expects to do bad things. It is just a bad day in office which teaches a lesson to be better in future


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