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How do you know when you’re right?

In Software World, we know it is right when the output comes as expected and the end users are happy. that is a sign off is given for the product.

As a software person working in IT service industry i have learned that there is lot of time you  might be right, but finally it is the customer who defined what is right. We run around customers because a saying goes “customer are god”.  Since customers are the people based on whose money our payroll are generated it is customers who define the definition for right(another software term i can use here is framework). When we give something and it is accepted by client, the term Value add is used. It is also quantified sometimes in terms of dollar or time.

If you are in other industry the meaning of Right might be different


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  2. HI Amar.. you are vert right in what you said.. working with different clients apply different level of attention and approval.. what is right for some could be not so right for the others..
    When i start reading your post my mind went wondering into the real world we live and decision we take and our positions and stands we take in life and with other people … what is right !! everyone is different .. the difference between people and their mentality make it very hard these days to determine what is right and what is not so right. the political correction approach has lead the world to “no longer right and wrong” but for us to operate under the banner of ” all okay ” .. but there is one truth and that is to do right by others .. this truth never changed and will keep going on .. do right by others as you wish they do to you ..
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts


  3. Yes … but … do you not find that sometimes you have to PRETEND that the customer is right? And often when the customer says s/he wants [X] done and you know that [X] is not the right way to do it … well, that can be quite difficult. You just have to smile and smile and look polite; but inside you’re cursing like anything! [grin]


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