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Chapter 1 – Long Awaited Success last’s for Short. Continued..3

As I was about to login to the websites, I get a call from my boss about a presentation that I am supposed to do on Cash Management. Oh My God. Since I have been working with this system for such a long time, there has been a big pressure on me to present. Right from engineering days it has been the last-minute for everything. Be it exam preparations, job interview preparation or booking tickets. I can probably write a book on it. Last statement from my boss was “Positively I want to see output tomorrow’. It was vibrating in my brain. For one thing my boss was the calmest person on the earth who could hide back his anger and control his language during worst time. But vibration in the brain stopped when I realized that my boss is on off today and I am going to be off on Friday for my interview. Thinking of reason for the same I decided that fever would be the best option and take a sick leave


Relaxed I logged into the website and started looking to the threads. Once I became online there were bunch of offline messages for me. 2 days back I did log in but I had no messages not I had subscribed. As I was wondering I get a ping from my guy “CONGRATS”. I was shocked. On how come the news became public? I immediately went offline and read all the offline messages. The college had published the name of candidates on profiles, and the forum owner had collated this information into a single thread. My worry bells started ringing. What if my boss sees this? What about if my office colleagues come to know? Oh God. My roomy read it on my face. He said “nobody is crazy to go this website leaving their whole other world and if anybody is there here then you know both of your interests are same. You are not robbing anybody. Everybody knows that people have expectations”. I was like that true. My boss did his MBA and everybody knew it. Most of all I was wasting my neurons energy late at night. Next one hour was just concentrating on the website and reading about other candidates who got selected. I also introduced myself in forum. In one hour this forum taught me lot of things. Tips on interview questions, way to come to the interview locations, places to hang around, best way to commute and the best of all lot of new friends.


I dozed off in front of computer with dreams of success. At last dreams can never be controlled. Next day in office I was pretty quiet and kept a low profile. I was browsing websites for interview tips and reading general news of last one month. The IIM are supposed to be one of the toughest colleges to make it in world and their professor are can open any topic. I did get reminder SMS and emails about my presentation but I decided that I will ignore them for today and will think of a reason once I am back. I managed to come out of my early and for safety I asked a friend who was passing by my lane to drop me. I am superstitious on a fact that while doing a good thing there can be a lot of obstacles and with my brain occupied so much I did not want to take a risk my bike.


After reaching home the toughest part was to IRON my clothes, pack them and be awake whole night so that I can catch the early morning train. But I was feeling so tired after packing my baggage that I could not control myself. Hence I decided to set all the alarms. I set the alarms in 3 mobiles for morning. I removed my shoes, polished them and kept them near the door. As I was about to dose of I remember that I do not have the key of my house. I searched for it for almost half an hour and found them in my pants. I put the keys on chair so that I can get them easily. That was it and I was in deep sleep


‘Get up. Get up’ was the voice I heard when my eyes opened. I could not recollect whose voice it was since my roomy was working. I just got up and saw the time. It was 2.15 a.m. I tried to get my consciousness and recollect. I had set the alarm at 1.15. OMG. I am screwed was my immediate reaction. I immediately scrambled and panicked. I just started running out with my suitcase in my night pajamas when I slipped on the chair. As I was slipping I was thinking that my MBA is gone and something hit my hand very badly. I could not feel the pain so I just got up, put some water on my face and started running with my luggage early morning after locking the doors. After climbing down the stairs I slipped on the last stair because a dog was sleeping and I had to save the poor soul from my weight. I screamed and told myself “enough enough. Now run”. With a bag on my head I was running early on the morning. As I reached the main road, I was trying to search for taxi or auto rickshaw. Early in the morning I was seeing a blank road. In last 2 years I have never seen this road blank. Every day it takes 30 minutes to cover ½ mile. Today I could not see not even a soul on road. As I was looking around I realized that there was only 30 minutes for the train to leave and on a normal day it takes 45 minutes to reach station and 10 minutes to reach the place where the train is standing. My heart beat started increasing and I was keeping on running on with luggage. I would have probably looked like a porter. Luckily I saw a rickshaw standing beside the road. As I approached it I saw that the driver was sleeping. I started shouting “Anna Anna. Good Morning. Please get up. Anna Please. I started shaking his hand” He opened his eyes with a surprise  and I had a pity face. As he opened his eyes he just shouted at me pointing to my hand.


I was shocked but worried. He again pointed me to my hand. It was bleeding and top skin on my palm had pulled off. I just saw it and told Anna that I have a train in 30 minutes. My good luck he said. Do not worry. My bleeding hand helped me in the pity probably. He just gave me a towel and told me to hold it strongly so that bleeding can stop and also hold the hand on top. It was a super-duper experience. He just covered the whole journey in 25 minutes. There were so many short cuts, breaks, morning cool breeze, sleeping city and clean road that I forgot about the hand. After paying the money the next work is to start running the station so that I can catch it. I was remembering Bollywood movie in which the heroes use to run behind the trains. As I was running to locate he platform I heard the announcement that the train is going to leave in 1 minute. My hand was full of blood and I started running towards the train. I saw the train and it was at a distance of 0.1 mile but I had to cover more distance to take my bogie. But I decided I that I can directly climb the first bogie and then once on the train navigate to my bogie. As I was running I saw the train’s station master coming out with a green flag. I am not sure what was the matter but the station master noticed me running and co incidentally I was about to climb the same bogie since I did not have time

“Sir. You are bleeding. Sir are you ok”. As I heard it I climbed the bogie and sat on a vacant seat. Instead of flagging the train he just came to me and said again ‘Sir. Are you ok? I responded. Yes sir I was in a hurry so did not notice the bleeding. Without telling me the station master disappeared and came back immediately from his cabin with a first aid box. I could hear somebody asking him in his walky talky ‘the train is late. What is the problem? The station master replied ‘passenger injured. Giving first aid”. My brain now started working. I requested the RC to go ahead and do his duties and I will do the first aid. Seeing this conversation 2 co passengers came forward to help me with the first aid and they asked the TC to start the train. This was a superfast train and as per the one of my co passenger this is first time they have seen that this train is delayed. I was blank and just listening. Immediately I realized that I was in my night-dress and not got fresh in morning so should not talk much to my colleagues. With big bandage on my hand I was advised to visit a clinic once I get down and take rest. I obliged for it , since last 1 ½ hour has been horrifying


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