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Sharktopus – Name is interesting but movie is not


This is another film which attracted me because of the looks of animal. But overall i feel the script/actors were weak though the concept was strong.

The story revolves around genetically engineered a half-shark, half-octopus who was designed for combat by scientists for US Navy. During a demonstration , the half-octopus escapes the control of its creators and makes causes havoc to swimmers and beach lovers.

But behind the  half-octopus is the brain of science folk’s Nathan Sands (Played by Eric Roberts) and daughter Nicole Sands (Played by Sara Malakul). Because of some changes made by Nathan without the knowledge of his daughter the animal has become more aggresive. Once the animal is out of control , Andy Flynn (Kerem Bursin)  is hired to control the  crazy creature.

The movie starts with the view of beautiful beaches where peoples  are busy in their activities where some are playing, enjoying , boating and so on. suddenly sharktopus appears and  causes bloodshed

The story revolves around bloodshed of sharktopus and the exploits of Andy for killing the sharktopus. A television crew is also introduced in the middle who at the end of the movie become the prey of sharktopus

Overall, Sharktopus is an  less than average  film and I did lot of time fast forward to  watch it. I enjoyed the looks of beast. So watch the movie for enjoying the beast  and also note that human sometimes cannot think the worst(balance of nature)


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