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Chapter 1 – Long Awaited Success last’s for Short. Continued..4

The next question on my mind was what to do for next 3 ½ hours of journey. I am not sure if it was an intrinsic/extrinsic feeling but I was feeling the pain now. As the train was making sounds I was just remembering my dreams on what I will do after interview. Thinking and dreaming I went to sleep. Suddenly I heard ‘ticket ticket and tick tick sound”. I just woke up and realized that I had slept for about 3 hours. ‘Sir. Since you were not well, I did not wake you up. But now only half an hour is remaining for the journey” said Ticket master. Can you show me your ticket”? I thanked TC and after completing the formalities my alarm bells rang on the urgency of the situation. As I was wondering what next I first decided to groom myself for the occasion and that was the only thing that I did not train. As I neared the station I just got a call from the institute saying that the interview has been postponed to evening after 5. I was relaxed, thanked the co-passengers and TC who helped me and got down from the train.

Somebody patted on my back. As I looked back a well dressed gentleman asked me “IIM”.

I responded “Sir. I am not IIM”.

Passenger 1: Sorry I meant. Have you come for IIM INTERVIEW?

Me: Yes I have.

Passenger 1: Oh nice. I have also come for the same thing

Me: thinking. But how did you know

Passenger 1: I was sitting next to you and you were whispering IIM IIM in your sleep. Chuckles.

Me: felt weird Hence I guessed. Also the difference in your dressing sense between boarding and off boarding of train. I could not control myself from asking

Me: Sad face. Ok.

Passenger 1: Do not worry about it. There was nobody else

Me: Ok. Anyways sorry to have disturbed you

Passenger 1: No problem. I am ‘Chandra’

Me: Oh Chandra. I am anaik

Passenger 1: Oh you so you are the guy from madwebsite.com

Me: Oh yeah. Your message shocked me because of your name. My boss and you share the same name and hence I panicked on seeing your message

Passenger 1: mmm..

Me: Anways. Nice meeting you

Passenger 1: What is your slot?

Me: It is in evening

Passenger 1: Oh ok. I think your must have got postponed

Me: Yeah. Just got a call. How did you come to know?

Passenger 1: Oh. I am not sure if you read the website. There were no interviews scheduled for evening

Me: I did not read that part

Passenger 1: All this info was there on the website. Anyways in short the college is reshuffling candidate to get a good mix of candidates in each slot

Me: Oh that is interesting

Passenger 1: did you get a chance to review the interview questions

Me: Fuming. I thought “This is like throwing petrol on burning fire “. I said I could not me because

Passenger 1: Can we talk as we walk

Me: Oh yeah. I forgot.

Passenger 1: anyways do not worry. You have enough time. Just read the website till evening

Me: that is a nice idea

Passenger 1: I think but you need to get yourself treated. Otherwise the wound can hurt you more

Me: Yes bro. But I do not know anything over here

Passenger 1: You just go to the autowallas. They will help you. And be ready to spend some extra bucks as this is your necessity

Me: that is true

Passenger 1: Make a note of my number. If you need any help call me. I will also just drop a note at the institute that you have reached the city

Me: thanks. All the best

Passenger 1: Oh yeah. I need that very much today. I have promised lord ganesha ‘2 liters of milk; if I crack this interview.

Me: Wow. That is a nice bribe

Passenger 1: Belief is a better word

Me: I cannot argue with management students. They are born to convince others

Passenger 1: Ok then. I have booked my cab. It is waiting outside. See you at the institute. Take care

Me: Bye

As I came out of the station dressed in suit but with a bandaged hand, lot of auto rickshaw came in front of me with a helping face. This time I am not going to fall in their trap. Last time I came in the city I was charged 200 extra for 30 rupees ride. Also it was time to think smart and act fast.

Standing on the pathway, I was surrounded by auto rickshaw people with a look as if I was there food. I just remember the advertisement on the TV which says “respect your tourists”. But TV and real world has lot of differences and I was not in a position to argue as I was in pain. I just took my mobile phone and started looking for nearby hospitals in the midst of all the drama going around. Suddenly I was approached by a gentleman who was dressed in casuals but is voice was heavy. On just seeing my situation he just interfered in the middle. Probably body language matters a lot. As he came close to me, I saw autowallas moving away from me.  I was just cursing myself on why I did not know. But as a saying goes “Action and reaction are equal and opposite”, I just gestured with a smile to the stranger. He just asked me what I am looking for.

Relaxed, I was framing my question when the gentleman said “Do not relax. Your Journey has just started”. I gave a puzzled look. He said “These people must be making you nuts. Tell me what you are looking for”. I told “hospital”. He just went aside and talked to one autowalla and came back to me and told “go with him. He will charge you Rs 50”. If he asks for more just tell him that you can will SMS his number to XXX-XX. I said thanks and left. After sitting in the rickshaw I was thinking am I absent-minded that I did not ask any question to the gentleman and sat blindly in the auto. I did not know where I was going and who made me sit in the auto (Pathetic Part). Am I being kidnapped? Where am I going? Should I ask the autowalla? Questions were getting bombarded in my mind as suddenly the auto stopped in front of a building. He said Sir ‘the hospital has arrived. On hearing this I just calmed myself down and got down. Then I asked how much? He rudely said “your friend did not tell you”. I was thinking which friend he is talking about. Probably the driver was in a hurry so he said ‘Sir. Do not do too much acting: Give me Rs 50 Sir and let me go”. I got annoyed.  He said ‘sir. Please hurry”. I was also losing patience. Gave me the Rs 50 and walked inside the hospital.

It was a completely different view inside the hospital. The fuel of phenyl was quite irritating and I could see people lying with the pains. Everybody started suddenly looking at me. I was wondering what them so. I just saw the board of Customer Service. I walked towards customer service and asked for an appointment. They were very polite and also were still gazing at me. I was not flirting still receptionist was looking. I was bit surprised. Suddenly she looked at me and asked Sir which company have you come from? I just showed my bandaged hand and she smiled. I was curious and I asked her “what is the matter’. She replied it was my suite. I humbly asked ‘so what’. She said in this hospital they have rare visitors with suit and hence people were gazing at me. Relaxed and understanding the situation I immediately removed my suite and requested the receptionist for faster appointment. It was my luck/bad luck that while removing my suit I hit my hand on the wall and blood started oozing out. The receptionist immediately called the nurse and I was escorted to a room. As I was walking to the room I decided that I do not want to make a fool of myself and tell the doctor that I had an accident. Sitting inside , the nurse told me to lie on the bed and she left after removing my bandage and ensuring that the bleeding stops. Now my anxiousness was increasing wondering  how deep the wound is. If i will get an injection? How much blood i must have lost? I need to go soon as i need to prepare. Bombarded with all the questions, my head was aching. I just closed my eyes and took a deep break. Just then Doctor arrived.


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