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Chapter 1 – Long Awaited Success last’s for Short. Continued..5

“Hello Gentleman. It is very hot today. Do not you feel so? You are lucky that you do not work here. Otherwise you will go mad. I am kidding. How are you?” As I was about to respond, doctor said “Well if you were well. You would have not arrived here. How stupid of me to ask you a stupid question. Well. Well. You seem to be getting lot of injections and stitches”. I just uttered “OMG. What? Please do not” and Doctor started handling my hand as if he was checking if a glass is broken. I could hardly bear the pain of his knocks on my hand. I just said “doctor please. It hurts”. He just changed his observation method and made my lie on the bed and started checking my pressure with his stethoscope. After 5 minutes he just concluded that I am perfectly al rights and I can to wherever I want after one hour.
“One hour. OMG. That is too much.” As I was about to speak, Doctor said “You need some stitches on your hand and the nurse is busy as we have to handle emergency patients first. Seeing your hand we though it is emergency, hence I came here”. Ok doctor. But can you please do it faster. I can pay more if needed. Doctor got angry and left. Nurse standing besides gave me a horrible look. I just felt bad for what I said. Probably I was trying to bribe an honest doctor. Not sure what was the matter. At the moment I was more worried about my interview and I just sat in the room. After half an hour the nurse comes and she starts doing her work. It was a painful process but anesthesia on that part of hand-made me feel better. After finishing her work she gave me the bill, pointed me to the desk and just said money is not everything. I realized what she meant and just got up and went straight to doctor’s room and politely apologized. Doc was very understanding and he offered me some advice on the next steps. In the whole the experience ended in a nice way and I came out of hospital took an auto and went to the college. As I was nearing the college I could see the beautiful city and lot of beautiful campus. Enjoying the scenic beauty I did not realize the travel time. As I got down the institute I could not express myself

Just bent down on the gates of the institute and touched the ground. Joining such high-profile institute has always been a dream and just stepping in a great institute was an inspiration in itself for me. I looked at the watch and still there were 2 hours remaining for my interview slot. I decided to take a break and walk around the institute. In a flip of second I changed my mind and decided to go to the interview place. As I reached the place, I met the gentleman who helped me in the morning for boarding the rickshaw. He was a vesting faculty at the institute and today was coordinating an international event. Both of us gestured and I was about to thank him when he said ‘No Need to thank’ I was thinking am I so easily readable by others. He continued “Welcome to institute. Hope you are doing well. Did you have something”? Seeing his concern and I was touched and my stomach gave an indication to me that how careless I have been today about him. Seeing my silence, he just gave me a coupon and a map to office canteen. Also he showed me the path to the room where interviews are scheduled. Probably some people come to your life in such a way that there good deeds just overwhelm you. Hopefully I will one day repay it

After finishing my lunch, I walked into the corridor, registered and walked to the waiting room. As I entered I was greeted by smiles and people over there started enquiring about me. The person who had come in the morning probably had shared my story with the people in the lobby. As I was about to settle down, receptionist introduced me to the group in which I will be attending the remaining process. She gave me a snapshot of their profile.
Mike: He was an IT professional. A very down to earth person and warmth while talking. Apart from his job he was running an NGO for teaching kids in the slum. It had 200 people supporting.
Joe: An experience IT professional and an experienced MBA interviewer. He must have given lot of interviews seeing his frustration. What I liked about him is his capability to take risks though he had a family and huge loan. He had skipped jobs and remained jobless till he got his desired profile. All this just because he wanted to improve his profile on resume before getting into MBA.

Rajesh: A doctor by profession but an IT professional by heart. He had set up two online industries. He was a rich guy. His sole purpose for MBA was to make contacts and learn the tricks from books
Muthu: I would say do not be defamed by the looks when you see Muthu. Dressed in a casual shirt with a big moustache, when he speaks you understand the knowledge of social events. A social media organizer himself and a speaker at lot of places, he was here because his success seem too small to him without a degree.
Sameer: A person who had come to attend the interview just to get an experience. He already has a good score and got into top schools of US which are his dream school. But he wants more admits in hands
Indumathi: She looked in early 20 but seeing her experience she must be in late 20(did not have the guts to ask her age). Architecture by profession and writer by passion
Ritu: A teacher who has been part of Teach India. She also did some field work with Red Cross across world and presently full time working with one of sister institute of UN
Amit: Retired Army engineer.
Between the time the call came for my interview and my entry into the room, I was overwhelmed with the great personality of profile of people around me. I found myself worthless for an institute who shortlist such students. Probably I was underestimating myself, since I was also shortlisted. Time just passed by I was getting tips and taking some mental notes and adding all of them as friends in FB at same time. Will I get into college I was not sure but these contacts I will surely maintain. My name was called 2 – 3 times and I was so busy chatting that people who were telling stories heard my name and update me. I just rushed up and was about to slip again, thanks to my habit of keeping things at wrong place . But better luck prevailed and I just balance and started walking toward the interview room
As I approached the door, the person standing at the door asked us to stop and he went inside to check. He kept the doors open and I just glanced at the panelist

Professor 1 (P1): He was looking very tired and pale. Must be 65 and above. He was not even smiling
Professor 2 (P2): Looked young and had a charming face
Professor 3 (P3): He looked bookish. Was seeing our resumes and making notes. I could see some resumes highlighted with marker

As I entered the room I noticed that I was followed by only 2 more people. Our group was being split. I just did not think much about it kept a smiling face. As I entered P2 welcomes us. All of us sat down and each one of us was given a piece of paper and pen. P2 introduced himself and P1 and P3. Only P2 smiled whereas others were in their own world. As P2 was about to say something, P1 asked me what are you wearing a suit. P3 immediately asked do not you know that you should loosen your button when you sit down. P1 said nobody must have taught him the etiquettes of wearing suit. I got a bit nervous but just kept my calm and gave a smile to all of them and said “Sir. I forgot in a hurry. Also I am a bit tensed because of this interview”. None of them responded. For next 5 minutes the room was calm and professors were going through their notes.
P3: Before I start. Remember this is not a MBA interview. It is just a general discussion. So no need to cut others answers. If somebody else speaks, let them speak fully.


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