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Chapter 1 – Long Awaited Success last’s for Short. Continued..Last

P3: Tell me something about yourself in short andsweet

Though I was the first in line, professors started in reverse order. So the third person started speaking and I was listening. He went on for more than 5 minutes. I did notice that none of the professors were attentively listening or they were acting as if they are not interested. As he was continuing P2 politely interfered in the middle and asked me to speak but the person sitting in the middle said “Sir. Pardon me for interfering. Since we are following in an order can I do the same before he speaks”? P3 said ‘did you hear the question short/sweet”?” He said yes and P2 said “ok. Let see what you are made of “

As second candidate was speaking I was a getting a bit nervous and P1 noticed me. Since my nervousness was visible in my face he just gave me smile (I was surprised) and he said “ok. Thanks to second candidate”. 

P1: I am not sure if you people understood the meaning of short and sweet. Then he asked me “I heard you met with an accident”

Me: Yes. Slipped while coming to the interview.

But I was wondering how he must have known. But then I realized that my bandage was clearly visible to everybody

P1: This shows your careless and improper planning

Me: Pardon me Sir

P1: how will you be able to manage hectic life in school?

Me: Sir. But please

P1: I think you should not waster our time.

Me: I started shivering. Just gathered my guts and prayed god from my heart

P1: So Mr. you seem to agree with me completely

Me: No Sir. I just wanted to listed to your views hence kept quiet

P2: So you think our professor who is specialized in reading people is wrong

Me: I did not mean it sir. I wanted to put my case forward

P3: But what is the use. You are already disqualified by our panel

Me: What. But on What basis

P2: Did you read the prospectus?

Me: Yes

P1: They why are you asking

Me: Sir

P2: Did you read “decision of panelist is final”

Me: Yes Sir.

P3 : did you read the mission, motto of this school

Me : Yes

P1, P2, P3 : Can you tell it to us

Me : Sir It talk about ethics, hardwork

P1: I am not asking your interpretation. We want exact definition

P2: Also Can you recollect if it is on Home Page

Me: Thinking “What is going on. Why am I being ragged so much”.

I just looked at other two colleagues. Both of them had smiling face. Probably they must be relaxed at me being whipped left and right with discussions

P2: let me offer you a olive branch. I will repeat a statement. Tell me what it is

P1 : P2 that is a nice idea. Laughing. What do you think P3

P3: Showing all this teeths. Let us help this guy. Anyways he is trying to prove his worth which we already know

As of all this was going I could not utter a single word. Maintaining my manners and cool

P1 : “Out institute has a wider context and is  ‘Beyond MBA’ institution. We aspire to be a globally recognised ..” have you heard this

Me:Yes sir. The next part is “institute with concurrent presence in socially relevant segments of society”

P2 : P1, he seems to have guessed properly.

P3: Good.

Me : Relaxed. My shivering body got some warmth with the word ‘Good’

Suddenly the person standing outside calls the professor. All the professor move out for some chat. I got some time and had the water infront of me. As I was gulping water, the people sitting besided me just said ‘Hard luck. You faced them bravely. They must be really inspired by you. So many questions and we are still lying without it”

Me : Buddy. I know what is going within me. Probably after this meeting I can express you what it is

Other candidates: We are doomed buddy. I think you have a very nice chance

Me : I can just say do not be pessimistic. You have come her for purpose. Be focused on it till and give the best chance. Even a small window can open a big opportunity.

“Even this situation I was able to give lectures. I was amazed how I was speaking”

Me : let not come to any conclusion.

“Probably I spoked to much. Both of them gave me half smile and bad looks. Were they Jealous. I do not know. But I knew what grinding I was going through and I did not want to evaluate myself”

Professor were back. P1 apologized for the break and told us that it was due to some administration issues they had to go off

All of us kept quiet and were listening

P2: Ok. Where were we

P3:Let us change topic.

Next 20 minutes were devoted to other colleagues of mine. They were asked

  • Explain your work experience at business level
  • What contribution your company is making to growth of country
  • Why are different countries suffereing recession
  • What is difference between recession and downturn
  • Can you explain the difference between GDPS of two asian economies

All were very standard questions and the colleageus handled them very well. As I was waiting for my turn P3 asked me What do I want to do an MBA?

“The reputation of your school and learning that I get from colleagues will enhance my knowledge. I will get a chance to learn the skills of finance/consulting from professors who themselves have wroten so many cast studies and abundant of experiece..”

P3 : A bookish definition. Did you mug this from anywhere?

Me : No sir. I have not prepared for this

P3 : What? You did not prepare. Are you so much confident about yourself

Me : No sir. I meant I did not ready any website for this questions

P2: ok Guys. Now we are going to ask you questions which I want all of you to answer. Make a note that do not waste our time by repeating the same point of view again

“Finally there will be a question on which all of us evaluated. Thank god”

P1 : have you read Baghwadgits, bible or kuran. Can you explain difference or similarites

“this was a difficult question as I had read none of them. But I wanted to make an attempt in answering about Baghwadita”

My bad luck as whatever I knew was answered by my previous colleagues and when it came to me I just said “Nothing more to add”. I kept my head low

P2: There was a recent attack on Pub by some local political party because ladies were drinking. Will you allow ladies from your family to drink?

Both of my friends strongly said no. I also wanted to say no but my tongue slipped

Me: Sir it depends. If she had deeply interested in drinking and buys her some happiness then I might think about it. I do not want her to drink hiding from me

P1: Are you out of our mind?

P2: Are you married?

Me: No

P3: that is the reason you are talking hypothetical answers. You have to be practical in your answers and not visionary

Me: but finally opinion is what I will frame my thought in actual life

P3: I would then say ‘all the best’ in your married life. P1, P2 do you have anything to ask

Both P1 and P2 said no

P3: Have any of you read any management books in last 2 -3 months

All of us said no politely.

P3: then better be prepared as you will have loads of it if you make it

P2: For sure you guys will find it tough in first 1 month

P3: let’s say you have given your wife an important appointment during your marriage anniversary. But suddenly your boss says that you need to come to office because there is an important meeting which needs your presence. What will u do?

All my other colleagues said that they will deny their boss. Then all eyes turned towards me

Me: “Sir. I will try to find a time during the day so that I can convince both the stakeholders. For instance in morning /evening I will attend office and during other half I will fulfill my wish. I am sure my better half will understand this”

P1, P2, and P3: All started laughing

I was feeling as if they were kidding. But I felt I said right statement

Then we filled some forms and then all of us were asked to leave. As I was about to leave P1/P2/P3 glanced at me and smiled back. I also reciprocated back.

P2 said “You will never forget this interview”

Me: Yes sir

P1: how many stitches you have?

Me: 3

P3: thanks for making it year. All the best for next year

“I understood that I am out”

Probably P3 realized what he said and immediately told “Next year you might be in our college or somewhere else”

I gathered some energy and asked “Sir. When will the results be out?”

P2: It will take at least 15 days. We will give our feedback and your profile score will be added and final decision arrived at

Me: Okay. Thank you sir.

All the professors said: All the best

I just came out and felt as if I had come out of an oven. Immediately removed my Suit and I realized how much stressed I was. I realized that by the time I reached out, what happened inside had already come out through my 2 colleagues who came out before me.

But somewhere my heart was hoping that I might have ‘0.01%’ hope but my dreams were shattered. Last 24 hours I probably had met the best people and learnt a lot of things. Finally we need to learn from life and its experiences and move forwards with positive. Every dog has its day and I will also have a day. I remembered Albert Einstein Quotes “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else”


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