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GetSmart with extra 2 hours


One thing that i am going to add in all the day’s is reading newspaper early morning. I have missed this habit of mine since i started working


This is the day which i am going to enjoy the most. I am going to get up late from bed and postpone all my activities by 2 hours. Whenever i have to get up on weekday i always feel i can sleep for some more time. But i could never do so. So at least by sleeping on Sunday, i can convince myself on weekday’s that i slept for extra hours on Sunday


In the morning I am going to spend some more time on checking news across the world so that i can judge the stock markets for the coming week and make a plan. All my planning of stock markets i will execute on Tuesday if the market behave as expected on Monday

In the evening, i am going to plan my office work for the full week and try to get it better organized to avoid surprises


I get up in the morning and executed my Monday plan. Evening i will keep myself free for my writing assignment and try to see how i can learn from experienced writers across the field.

Oh yes not to forget a visit to temple. I fast on tuesday and this extra time will give me some chance to visit and pray god.


I am going to change my friday grocery shopping to Wednesday. I had planned this lot of time but could not do it due to work loads


I will try to work extra hours so that can i move out of office soon on Friday.


On friday i am going to spend extra time in Gym, since i miss my gym in weekends due to outdoor activities. Also the intake of calories is high in weekends.


I will plan to spend this 2 hours extra with my family. This is something i will not plan and adjust as per the families needs


Probably i might complain for more time as it has always been since college days


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