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Don 2 – Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil hai – iSMS are impressing


I chose Christmas as the day to watch Don 2 rather than first day. I read couple of reviews (Masand and my friends) and got a mixed response. Well the review will not stop me from watching the movie, because i have a die heard sharukh fans at home. Besides sharukh movies are good entertainment at least once.

With all the hype surrounding Ra – One, i  had higher hopes  but was disappointed with the actual movie. So my disappointment was somewhere  stopping my mind. It is always wrong to compare  2 movies.  After coming out of the movie, i felt Don -2 is an entertainer. Paisa Wasool (Means Money invested in ticket is worth the movie)

We decided to watch the movie in 3D(we had no other choice since this was the last tickets available). But 3D was worth watching.

The whole movie revolves around the plan of looting euro printing machines from deutsche bank in germany. But for planning this Don needs his old foe (the inspector whom he put in jail in Don1). Next half an hour the movie revolves around Dons planning and execution of release from the Jail. In the process he also come to know that his aspirations of becoming Don 1 in europe is not liked by the existing drug leaders. The european drug lords plan Don execution but Don escapes and understand the new threat.

In the remaining part of movie, Don execute his plan of robbing a world famous bank with the help of police. Don leaves behind no clue .  Wondering how Don manages to rob a bank with Cops?  Well this is the main climax in the movie. In the movie after the robbery when cops were called to catch Don by his own men, i smelled something fishy and though it was Dons plan but my friends did not agree. But in the end i won. The climax is nicely planned.

Strengths of Movie

– Sharukh one liners in the movie ‘Get Out. Please’ / Don Ka intezar to Gyarah mulkon ki police kar rahi hai(11 nations cops are waiting to catch Don) / Par Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil hi nahin Namumkin bhi ha(Catching don is not only difficult but is also impossible) / Don ka dushman ko ye baat hamesha yaad rakhni chahiye ki Don kabhi kuch nahin bhoolta (Don enemy should always remember  that don never forget anything)

– Exotic locations

– Songs are good

Something i felt could have been different

– Wondering what made Don done a duplicate mask (of hrithik roshan) and also use a duplicate voice(hrithik roshan own voice). In the actual movie, the place where Don used the mask nobody would have recognized his face.

– I felt lara dutta could not do much justice to the role she was given

– Techie look of Kunal kapoor or that character could have been enacted better

At the end, sitting here i can write my view since this movie is made for an audience. Irrespective  i felt Sharukh has puller another entertainer in 2011 for his fans. Don – 2 has been a  long awaited movie. Priyanka role in movie though looks small is impressive and well executed. Priyanka takes a bullet to save Don’s life [ Producers are trying to show that Priyanka (called as Wild Cat by Don) has a soft corner for Don though she claims in the movie that she does not have it ]

At the end the movie shows Don driving a bike with number plate as DON – 3. I personally felt DON – 3 might be tough, but hopefully producers will be make judgment incase anytime the movie becomes a reality on table( a ready blue print). Enjoy the movie.


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