Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten

Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. This has been hotly debated topic today in the India because of policies that will be favoring investments from abroad. The Government claims that this is necessary for the growth of Country.

Politicians across the world talk about globalization as a medium for creating new jobs. But in doing so, they seem to overlook the consequences that it brings with it. Consequences are not the ones which impact the industry but the worrisome part are the consequences which affect the normal citizens of a country.

A perfect example of globalization in any country is the fast food culture which is catching up. The fast food though taste yummy, they are impacting the younger generations. Traditional foods built by our ancestors have so much nutritious contents that not only preserve historical taste but also healthy heart and life.


The biggest threat for countries today’s are its people who are hungry rather than increasing the saving of people.  Globalization is not helping poor people has multinationals try to work their own way for profit without thinking much about the countries national properties or environment. Coals , Iron Ore etc are treasure of any country. The technologies will surely detect them and dig them early. But in doing so , what about the environment and people surround those mines.  Politicans mouths are shut by corporates and people movements are suppressed. Ultimately a government order will come after 10 years and another 10 -20 years go on till law rules. But till then, profits are already earned by and  damages can not be restored.


Child labour, dumping ground, new forms of diseases etc are problems that need to be thoughtfully addressed or regulated honestly. Naturally a debate can be done on the positive and negative effects of Globalization. But the biggest problem is that globalization negative impacts have made only government happy. Existing generation suffer the negative consequences and a next generation build on. Embracing Globalization is a painful pill that does have a painkiller


3 responses to “Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten

  1. Globalization actually is creating more poor people…Segregating a poor from the rich….While most of us line up at Shopping Malls , use plastic money to buy branded stuffs…The small time shops are chocking to death…That’s Globalization :(

  2. very nice article, i think, it was last yr or before last year, i read an article in hindu, problems of surplus something like that, discussing the same facts. It talked about life in orissa, jharkand, where you get iron ore and coal, and how underdeveloped the places are.. Money speaks and hence politicans are shut. By introducing fast food centers again the companies tackling obesity, medicines etc will start minting money. its a never ending cycle. that is the stupid govt.

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