Brampton – in Huntingdonshire, England

Settled in 7th Century, Brampton is a small town built from local stone. It was carved out from a glacial action that happened during Ice Age. But today roughly the 4000+ odd inhabitants have joined the ‘Walkers are Welcome’ movement to make your visit an enjoyable experience. For visitors, comfortable Brampton holiday rentals are available at convenient locations.

One of the famous attractions of the city located at the center of city is the tourist information center. This octagonal center was built in 1817 by Earle of Carlisle after destroying the 1648 building that housed prisoners.  The statue of Carlisle still connects the visitors to the old history of the center.

Another attractions that might help the visitors before booking a Brampton holiday rentals is St Martin’s Church designed by the Pre-Raphaelite architect Philip Webb. Though the church premises are not used now, the glass window design is a great attraction.  In case you are looking for a quiet walk along the woodlands, then the 65 acre lake located south-east of Brampton is an ideal place.  Also Gelt Woods, located in South Brampton is a natural reserve suitable for a peaceful ideal walk.

Roman’s most important monument in UK is the Hadrian’s Wall. The Wall is seventy three miles and extends from Newcastle to North West parts of Cumbria. Besides tourist location, Brampton is also an ideal location for music lovers. Brampton Live organized by William Howard School in summer has been quite popular in the town. Notable names like the Levellers, the Waterboys etc have been part of this musical festival earlier.

Besides history football fans will always remember Brampton for English footballer Geoff Twentyman, who represented Carlisle United and Liverpool F.C. Any time you plan your visit and book the Brampton holiday rentals, commuting should not be a problem, since the town is well connected by Brampton railway station. To Conclude, Brampton is still holding together its history in the form of red sandstone buildings.


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