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Build a Green Home Using Superior Insulated concrete


Recently I made a visit to one of my architecture friends who was working on project to build a green building business. Being an engineer by profession architects profession has always amazed me. If not a computer programmer, I would have definitely been an architect.

This project located in downtown was being built using building product from Durisol. One of the core principles of such green house construction is to use construction materials that are robust, mould and pest resistant and help with the overall air quality. However, since Durisol is made from insulated concrete form was curious on how durisol products are green since all that energy intensiveness is built right inside it.

Durisal blocks are insulated concrete forms price and go beyond Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). With 80 percent recycled soft wood waste and 20 percent concrete it is an ideal green house construction material. Though it looks like concrete brick only holes are filled once forms are set. The Durisol ICF is a straightforward method of building a reinforced concrete wall with built-in thermal, acoustical and fire protection.

Available in two forms, Standard ICF and Thermal ICF, the durisol material is filled with concrete and reinforcing steel. In market since 1953, Durisol products are favored among multiple building applications. With 5 hour fire rating, the ease and speed of building and the moisture resistant capabilities make Durisol ideal for most building projects. Durisol Wall Forms have been used worldwide for Residential, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Institutional, High Rise, and many more places.

Durisol Wall Forms have been designed to accommodate all practical ranges of concrete thickness. The load carrying capacity of the wall system depends entirely upon the thickness of the concrete core and the steel reinforcing schedule. If you are in the market for building your house then Durisol ICF products are the best alternative for green construction. Talk to your builder and see how best these products can fit in your budget.



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