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October is a very exuberant time filled with lights, music, and dance.

October is a very exuberant time filled with lights, music, and dance. The festival season is in full swing at many locations.  Here’s the finest of what’s on in October across globe


This festival is celebrated in Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany for 16 days from late September to early October. Started in 1810, the festival was originally a horse race held to celebrate Bavarian Crown Prince wedding of Bavarian King Ludwig I. and his wife Theresie. The festival was such a rip-roaring achievement that it became a yearly event. Focus shifted more and more away from the horse-race and towards fun rides and drinking beer The horse race was dropped in 1938, because everyone was only interested in one thing beer.


More details on http://www.oktoberfest.de/en/

Durga Pooja

This festival is celebrated majorly by the Bengali Community of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Celebrated as a tribute to Goddess Durga, the festival has lot of superbly handcrafted statues of Durga installed on podiums of almost all lanes of the Kolkata. Devotees assemble at the streets to view the goddess statues amidst thrilling light shows, drumming, and sweet-smelling food stalls. On the final day of the event, the statues are paraded around the town before being inundated in the river.
Durga Pooja- Besant Nagar


With a leg on each side of the line between fall and winter, abundance and scarcity, life and death, Halloween is an occasion of festivity and fallacy. It started during the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when public would light bonfires and dress in costumes to ward off nomadic ghosts. This annual festivity is observed in a number of countries on October 31 during the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints). The sharp blubber of ‘trick or treat’ from kids on the entrance dressed, as chilling band of zombies and ghouls, is as synonymous in US as baseball and Big Macs. This festival is important part of American family life and may Hollywood movies.
Halloween Decorations


This festival is a nine-day festival that celebrates the Goddess in all her manifestations, including Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Devotion and fasting take place in the daytime, while the nights are reserved for enjoying delicious food and dancing. The celebration culminates with Dussehra, the triumph of good over evil, on the 10th day. The characteristic of Navaratri partying are the Ramlila theater that take place all over the city.

Navratri: Dandiya Raas


This festival is celebrated by Hindu community during the 10th day of the Navaratri festival is known as Dussehra. It’s dedicated to celebrate the overcome of the demon king Ravana by Lord Rama. Celebrated majorly in northern India this festival is known as the win of evils over good.

Mysore Dussehra is Dussehra with a distinction! The city’s majestic legacy ensures that the celebration is richly celebrated on a magnificent scale. In Mysore, Dussehra honors the Goddess Chamundeswari, who killed the great devil Mahishasur.

October 3, 2011

Masskara Festival

The Masskara Festival is held annually in Bacolod, Philippines during third weekend of October nearest October. The festival name is a fusion of the English word for ‘many people’ and cara, the Spanish word for face. In this Filipino festival, Bacolod’s residents take to the streets wearing masks with glowing smiles. Started in 1980 during a period of crisis, the festival has stood the testimony of different time through the commitment by the people of the city. Irrespective of tough and bad the times, Bacolod City has managed to pull through and survived until today.
MassKara 2011-2

Ghadames Festival

This festival is held in Old city of Ghadames, Libya for three days in the month of October. At the end of the date harvest, Libyans head to the city’s World Heritage-listed old neighborhood to eat dates and rejoice. Inhabitants of the present town return to their ancestors homes in the old city, publicly unoccupied since the mid-1980s, and throw open their doors for playing, dancing and public celebrations. The shadowy old city has a system of enclosed walkways that give protection from the Saharan sun.

Jidai Matsuri

Commonly called as festival of ages, this festival started in 1895. Held annually on October 22 in Kyoto, Japan the festival started to raise the city’s self-esteem after the Imperial Court moved to Tokyo. This celebration is comparatively new compared to other renowned festivals of the Aoi and Gion Matsuris. The chief event is the historical march past, featuring period costumes from time dating back to 794, when the town began its 1000-year term as capital.
JIdai matsuri, Kyoto, Japan


This festival is the greatest and the mainly good celebration in the Nepalese yearly calendar, celebrated by Nepalese all over the world. It is not only the greatest festival of the country but is also the one that is most expected. The festival falls around October-November, opening from the dazzling planetary fortnight and ending on the day of full moon.
It is celebrated for 15 days; the most important days are the 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th, and the 10th. The fifteen days of celebration occur during the bright lunar fortnight ending on the day of the full moon. Dasain is also popularly referred to as Badadashain, Dashera, Vijaya Dashami .

Círio de Nazaré

Círio de Nazaré is one of the biggest Catholic processions in Brazil and in the world held during second weekend in October. The biggest celebration on the River Amazon, biggest dance after famous Carnaval, the festival revolves around a small statue of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré (Our Lady of Nazareth). apparently sculpted in Nazareth (Galilee), the picture is understood to have performed miracles in medieval Portugal before getting lost in Brazil. A modest cattleman rediscovered it in 1700 on the site of Belém’s Basílica de NS de Nazaré.
Círio N. Sra. de Nazare

Other notable festivities in the month of October are

  • Durbar (held in Emir Palace Rd, Kano, Nigeria; at end of Ramadan)
  • Matchmaking Festival (held in Main St, Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, Ireland)
  • Vegetarian Festival(held in Jui Tui temple, Th Ranong, Phuket Town, Thailand)
  • River Festivals(held in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand)
  • El Señor de los Milagros (Also called Lord of Miracles held in Lima, Peru)
  • Moulid of Sayyed Ahmed Al-Badawi(held inTanta, Egypt)
  • Fantasy Fest(held in Duval St, Key West, Florida, USA)




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  1. This is a really neat post. It was really fun learning about all of the different festivals celebrated this time of year. I really had only know of Octoberfest (because I live in Wisconsin) and Halloween. Thanks for sharing.


  2. HI Amar!

    I love how you took me around the world for all the festivities in the month of October. I’ve lived n Germany so I can tell you that Oktoberfest is a LOT of fun! Halloween is one of my favorite “holidays” because I love watching all the kids in my neighborhood get all dressed up. I also like going out with my friends to Spooky World and this year, I’m going to a real haunted mansion with my sister-in-law!

    Peggy Nolan


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