I hate that unclean stubble


I hate that unclean stubble look in my office. Be it my subordinates or superiors, I always respect those people who are clean shaved. I think part of this thinking is also due to the fact that I was pushed to do it right from my childhood and got strict warnings when I did not follow them.  Oh yes, I also received some good slaps for my adamancy on some days 😀

However, the biggest use of this habit has happened to me in two instances.

My First Job interview

For my first job interview, I traveled from Goa to Pune (300 miles journey). It was an overnight journey. Nevertheless, due to a fatal accident on the road, the bus reached late. We hardly had any time to get ready for the interview. My friends decided to focus on refreshment of their concept though we had just finished our last engineering paper on previous day.

However, my dad had asked me to get dressed well and keep a clean shave. So rather, than refreshing my concepts, I decided to focus on getting my dress ironed and get a clean shave look. My friends were astonished at my decision and felt I was wasting time.

Until now, I had a blind faith in my dad’s words and I hardly ignored them. My decision paid off during the HR interview. I was applauded by my HR and technical interviewer for my clean-shaven and neat dressed look. This was in contrast to my peers who were coming out of the interview room in tensed mood and some of the questions asked to them were rocket science that was making me more tensed.

As much as I hate that unclean stubble probably, the company policies also hated that unclean stubble look. When my turn came, I was hardly asked anything apart from kind words. Did I get that job? Yes, I did get that job.

But this puzzle on clean look was solved six years later, when I became an interviewer.

My First interviewer experience

During the interview I was sitting with a senior HR person who was able to see a person and guess on his looks.  Being a technical person, my job was only to check the person technical knowledge.

However, the comments from the senior HR were very strange but sensible. Some of them were

  • He seems to have just crawled out of bed and did not even bother to shave.
  • I am wondering how a person coming for a job interview does not realize that he has a two weeks beard. He is either not interested in this job or he does not know how to work in a corporate world

The HR person final choice on that day was more on clean stubble look especially for candidates with matching attributes. An HR and technical interviewer of similar thought process had applauded me and I understand how much difference it can make.

Therefore, my parent’s upbringing has helped me in a way to instill a quality for which I do not have to force myself. Rather it comes instinctively inside me.


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