Wishlist for my Kids


  • Camcorder and Laptop

Camcorder and Laptop

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My family traditions are important to me. They are not only traditional but some of them are so unique and fun that, i actually enjoy them.

I would like to record some of these traditions through a camcorder and store it on a laptop so that my kids can watch it some day. It is upto to them if they follow it or not. If they follow the tradition continues. But if they wish to not follow atleast a documentary exists of a family tradition which probably has reached end of road.

  • Financial product to secure my Child’s future


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The child’s well being is of utmost important to me. I wish that I can be with them in all there ups and down. But future is not in my hand. Rather I only have my present. Hence I would like to purchase some financial products such as HDFC Children’s Plan that can at least support some of the basic needs of my kids when they need it. With increasing inflation, it is quite tough to know if today millions will be future pennies. However, I can only plan and hope this financial product can act as a step in securing their future.  A gift of secure future as HDFC tag line says.

  • Organization or Agent that can deliver my wish cards/letters


Each of us have gone through different phases of life. There are ups and downs. On each birthday of my kids, i would like a doorman or organization to deliver a wish card in which i wish to share some inspirations/thoughts which will speak about education, moral values, respect and many more things from my heart.

A legacy of my thoughts with which i hope this letters can help my kid at his age to handle the challenges in my absence if god forbids my journey soon.

  • Toys to stimulate the brain thinking

Source: [www.pouted.com]

Source: [www.pouted.com]

During my  upbringing, i have not been fortunate to get toys which could stimulate my thinking. Rather most of my time was spend in outdoor games for fun. But today there are lot of toys which can simulate both development of body and brain. Some of my favorite ones which i myself have experienced are

  1. Fisher Price Smart Cycle Racer: It’s a model that imparts physical and educational action at the same time, and it looks like a fun video game. Kids of age 3-6 ride a physical stationary bike through effective arenas, paddling down rivers or navigating mazes to whole number and letter games.
  2. Magna Tiles: One of the varieties of basic building blocks toys, with which kids can use their imagination fully. Kids can snap together magnetic shapes to build pyramids, rocket ships and more.
  3. Roominate: This is a favorite toy of my niece. The imagination required to construct the house and the dramatic play that’s possible once construction is complete. Kids can learn spatial skills at an early age that will make it easier to hone them later in life. Kids build their own personal dollhouses—including modular furniture pieces, motors, connectors and switches, which can be reconfigured to create everything from elevator boxes to merry-go-rounds.
  • Faith Inspiring Gift for Kid

It is important to build the love for faith in kids in a way that strengthen their relationship with divine help and inspire zeal for God’s Word. Some of the good gifts I can think about are

  1. Fisher Price Nativity :  In this game “Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus share the stable with their animal friends in this Little People re-telling Christmas tale. Kids can place the angel atop the stable to activate the light-up star and hear the holiday favorite  song “Away in a Manger” play.
  2. Lights For Gita: In this full-color illustrated book by Rachna Gilmore and Alice Priestley (Illustrator), Gita, an immigrant child from India celebrates Diwali for the first time in her new home in the West. When she lights the wicks on the family’s oil-filled ‘diyas’, Gita realizes that no matter where they live, they can always drive away the darkness with light.” A wonderful picture-book.
  3. Hanuman’s Journey to the Medicine Mountain : This book tells the adventures of the magical monkey Hanuman, beloved in India as the devoted helper of Ram, hero of the Hindu epic tale the Ramayana
  4. Elephant Prince: The Story of Ganesh: This book introduces Elephant-headed and big-bellied, mischievous and sweet, the god Ganesh. Lord ganesh is one of the most familiar faces in the world. Toned illustrations, reminiscent of classical Indian miniatures, complement the poetic story of one of the most beloved gods of all.
  5. The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna : The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna tells the enchanting tale of the child Krishna, who is sent by the God Vishnu to aid humanity. Hidden amongst the poor cowherds, Krishna uses his miraculous powers to fight an evil demon king who has overthrown the peaceful kingdom of Mathura. The story of Krishna, dating to the 8th century BCE, and forming an integral part of Hinduism, is beautifully brought to life by award-winning author and illustrator, Demi.

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