Nephew Challenges my beard


I am usually a shy person who likes to spend time with my close friends and avoid parties. However, I have learnt to handle myself in places that I do not like, by meeting people who are like me or sitting at a corner and enjoying others enjoyment.

The biggest challenge comes when I attend family functions. All my nephews are very close to me and they enjoy my company. It is one of those times where their parents know that they are in safe hands and they can focus on getting socialized in party.

One of my nephews asked me a strange question at one such party.

He said ‘Uncle, you are not clean shaven today. Daddy said unclean is not good ’

I was surprised. I never cared about the little beard.

He continued ‘But uncle you do not look bad. Is Daddy wrong?’

I was in a fix. I did not want to prove that his Daddy (my cousin) is wrong.

I knew my cousin seriousness about being clean. Besides, I wanted to avoid giving lame excuse.

We set examples for our next generations and it is important that we do not set wrong examples. I said to my nephew ‘I just forgot about it. Your dad is not wrong. A man with stubble is not good. It is always better to be clean’

Nephew said ‘Uncle you are so bad. You are unclean’

My best cousin noticed the situation. He winked at me and said

‘Uncle is not bad. He forgot today about his little beard today. When you grow up, remember you should be clean’.

I smiled and left. Not sure if it was my bad day or nephew’s good luck that he was in bought up in a disciplined family.

In this post i will like to tag

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

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18 responses to “Nephew Challenges my beard

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  14. Ha! A beard challenge! I think it actually depends on the man. Some men look odd without a bit of facial hair and I prefer it in general. I like the rugged look :)

  15. It’s so interesting to see other’s points of view of what is clean or unclean, bad or good.. I think you handled this situation quite well, and kudos to your cousin for stepping in.
    Stopping by from UBC on Facebook.
    Happy New Year!

  16. Your embarrassing situation raised an inner chuckle. Perhaps at some future time, you can explain freedom of choice as regards to fashion.

  17. Wow . Nice post Amar , Thanks for the tag but I think I just don’t have enough time to write another post :-( I’ve to attend a family gathering in the evening and from tomorrow the usual hectic Monday begins . Sorry for disappointing you. Hope you will understand . :-)
    Best of luck for the contest :-)

  18. I really liked your view in this post! And it seems that we have had a few talks about “beards” vs. the six o’clock shadow after watching some Duck Dynasty – where the guys there associate manliness with hairy faces! lol I have heard other guys say they grow a beard out of laziness – hmmm

    But I like how you note the “manners” in this family – and I think cleanly shaven is a sign of manners at times. Sometimes my husband will grow some stubble or even a little go-tee (sp.?) but for certain social events clean shaven is the only way to go – and it is classy.

    Oh yeah, and not that I follow entertainment news, but I once heard that in the movie “Notting Hill” – there is a personal dig in there from Julia R. to Brad Pitt – because I guess when they dated he did not shave enough for her liking – as she viewed it as dirty.

    anyhow, enjoyed this post!

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