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What brings us forward is our dreams and confidence

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Denise was turning 18 today. It was celebration time and her parents had left no stone unturned to gift their beloved daughter a beautiful surprise party.   However, Denise did not seem excited at all.

For last 10 year, Denise has been guarding an agonizing secret. No one could recognize behind her smile that she was suffering from a skin disorder. A hot summer day made her mad in search of a shadow. She avoided bright light since the gaze made her feel as if she will lose her life any second.

She could dress perfectly in the dark and automatically selected the dimmest corner of any place to sit in. However, what she misses most from the time she is suffering from this disease is her nail polish. She had developed a craze for nail polish from her childhood. A trait she inherited from her mom. She was lucky to get gift hampers full of nail polish from her well-wishers and her closet is full of different brands and colours.

However, after the skin disorder was discovered, she has tried to be lively and beaming on the outside but she is decaying inside. The irritate from skin has been so intolerable that she enjoys only seeing the nail polish.  She tries and ignores the itches and suppresses her feelings.

She hardly looks into the mirror. The view of tiny red islands floating on the surface of skin fills her with rage and gives disgraced feeling. But her parents have always tried their best to calm her and provide positive inspiration always.  Apart from parents, her next best friend is the rear view mirror of their family car.

When she goes out, she enjoys the view of her rear view mirror. She has grown up watching the views in rear view mirror of how people of her age enjoy outside. How colorfully they dress in different seasons. How decorative their clothes are in different seasons and different fashion trends.  These views create fictional stories and characters in her head and keep her encouraged.  Denise has been living a split life compared to her body.

As Denise came out for her party, the mood in party was different. There were more people in this party compared to previous party. The decoration was awesome. She could sense the party mood. As she gazed through, she could see familiar and new faces. She was troubled that today more people will come to know about her disease.

There was a dance floor but she could not think of dancing. As she came down, her dad came forward and introduced her to some new people. Then he took her hand and gave her a letter. He wanted her to read it before she cuts the birthday cake.

Dear Denise

The only stuff that should take us back to the history is the memoirs we made with the people that were in our life in our past. What should make us self-assured are our own dreams for our prospect. In order to set justifiable and valid goals for our future we must overlook past. We should not let regrets from our past’s drive us forward in our lives.

We cannot steer forward looking in the rear-view mirror because it is unfeasible to focus on growth if we always look back at things we wish we could have done. If we move forward based on our qualms, our progress will be deeply inadequate. Keep in mind to set your dreams upon what you really want for yourself in life, and not on past problems.

With Love

Mom & Dad

 Today Denise has managed her skin disorder with proper food and medication. She has written various articles to help people with similar problems. Many have been able to live a problem free life and avoided loss of valuable precious moments of life.


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  1. What an interesting story, very inspiring, Amar. We can’t create our lives from constantly using the past to do so, otherwise we just get more of the same. Much better to look forward to a light heart, and be present with what is. Thank you for sharing this today. Blessings, Andrea


  2. Thank you for this post. The story is very beautiful and heart-wrenching. It is important to raise awereness of skindiseases. Maybe some day young girls won’t need to hide away but they will be accepted as they are.


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