Central Park NYC – General William Tecumseh Sherman statue

August Saint-Gaudens’ last major work was this statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman which stands on Fifth Avenue at 59th Street. The figure of Winged Victory with a palm branch in her hand representing peace, leads Sherman.

This grand, bronze equestrian group figure depicts one of the United States’ best-known generals, William Tecumseh Sherman (1820–1891). Devoted in 1903, it was master sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s (1848–1907) last most important work.

Saint-Gaudens contrived over each aspect of the statue. The sculptor severe illness during the process of building stature was the reason it took more time to complete this project. In 1902 Saint-Gaudens were ready to install the monument , but Sherman family objects to the location at Riverside Park near General Grant’s Tomb.

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