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Phoneography Challenge: NYC – Madison Square Garden (Penn Station eagle)

The stone eagle is everybody’s favorite railroad mascot sitting outside the NYC Penn Station.This building is 2 Penn Plaza.

The old Penn Station has been replaced by the new age station that now stands in its place at 7th Avenue and 32nd Street in Manhattan. The old station had the shining domed glass ceilings, beautiful clocks, and many more walls, ceilings, towers that are history. The station and all its magnificence was destroyed by a under pressure railroad company in a distressed effort to save itself from its own downfall which inevitably came only a few short years later.

Some memories of old stations are still present in many black and white pictures. There are however a few parts of the old station that we can still walk right up to and touch. Much of the original statue work from the station is preserved in locations throughout the country. It’s most prominent survivors are 14 original large marble eagle statues.

The original station had four large eagles on three sides, plus two more on the fourth side, for a total of 14 large eagles. There were also eight small eagles, (two on all four sides), four day maidens (one on each side), four night maidens (one each side), and four clocks (one on each side).

All 14 eagles that graced the old Penn station are still in existence and can be accounted for. At the time of the demolition of the station, the Pennsylvania Railroad company passed them on, in certain cases they honored requests for them, which they felt, were deserving, and in other cases gave them to organizations or individuals who they felt could put them in a worthwhile place. Some of the choices they made were probably a bit odd, but luckily, all the eagles have all been preserved to this day. Much of the tracking of the eagles has been done by LIRR historian Dave Morrison.

The above click is of Eagle 1 located at Penn Station South. Actually two old Penn Station Eagles sit right in front of the new Penn station. The above eagle picture is near 31st Street and 7th Ave. In 1968, it was brought back here, to the same block it had stood for more than 53 years prior.

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  1. I’m delighted that you told this story about Penn Station–an American icon. It’s a treasure and still has enormous charm. The eagles are an example of early American sculptures–good job. Happy Phoneography Challenge.


  2. Love history and architecture, and reading this, I felt as if I was standing right under the eagles at the Penn Station, and someone was giving me a guided tour around the place. Thank you so much. 🙂


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