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Little Angel

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Mr. and Mrs. Patel rushed as soon as they saw the doctor coming out of the operation theater. She said, “How is our son? Will he be all right? When can we meet him?”

The doctor said, “I’m sorry to say but we could not save your son. We tried our level best”

Mrs. Patel said, “Why can’t people drive carefully? Oh God! Where were you, when my son needed you?”

The doctor tried to calm Mr. Patel and asked, “Would you like to spend some time with your son? We will be starting the preparation for transporting him to the medical college.”

Mr. & Mrs. Patel requested the doctor to stay with them while they had a final look at their son. They started crying loudly. Mrs. Patel ran his hand carefully through the hairs of his son and collapsed unconsciously.

The doctor rushed and checked Mrs. Patel. He asked the ward boy to administer some glucose and take her outside.

“Would you like his hair?” the doctor asked Mr. Patel.

Mr. Patel nodded yes. The doctor cut a some hairs of the boy, put it in a plastic bag, and handed it to Mr. Patel.

Mrs. Patel got awake and she came back. Mr. Patel held her tightly so that she does not collapse again. The mother said, “It was Jignesh’s idea to give his body to medical college for study. He has inspired friends in his network to sign up for donation. He believed in helping others. “

I was adamant and opposed his idea, but Jignesh said, ‘Mummy, I do not need this body after I die. Maybe it will help some other boy spend more days with his Parents.” She went on, “My Jignesh heart was so sincere. He always thought of others and helping others whenever he could.”

The hospital staff standing over there we’re looking at Mr. and Mrs. Patel with a sense of appreciation. This was the first time the hospital had managed to achieve a young boy’s corpse for medical studies and they were hoping this couple would inspire others.

Mr. & Mrs. Patel walked out of Hospital for the final time, after spending more than six months inside the hospital. She put the bag with Jignesh’s possessions near her heart. The drive back home was difficult and a lonely home was tough to enter.

Mr. & Mrs. Patel entered their son’s room. She started placing the items back in his room exactly where they were their earlier. They laid down across their son’s bed. Both of them were crying. Rather than comforting, each other both were lost in their sweet memories of their son. It was around midnight, when Mr. & Mrs. Patel woke up with a sound.

They could hear sound of a boy in their hall. Both of them were surprised at the noise and rushed to the hall.

It was their son. He smiled, kissed both of them and then disappeared after leaving a letter in their hands

“Hello Daddy, Mummy,

I know you must be missing me. Even I miss you a lot. Love you Daddy, Mummy. Though I am not here, I see how much upset you are. I can never forget or stop loving you. Someday i hope our paths will cross again. But till then, if you wish , you can adopt a little boy from Childcare school. Then you will not be so lonely. I will be happy. I did write to them when I was in hospital and they will be visiting you tomorrow. She is one of my close friends mom.

The new boy can stay in my room and take all my items. However, if you decide to adopt a little girl, she might not like the same things as we boys do. You might have to buy her dolls and other girly stuffs. Mummy you know it better than me.

I am in a very beautiful place. I met the person who died in the accident with me and we hugged each other. The grandparents were happy to see me and they have sent blessings. They are taking care of me and showing me this beautiful place.

I met the angels, who have become my best friends. They introduced me to the god. When I saw him, he had a exceptional glow. He does not look like any of his portraits in our home. The god made me sit on his laps and talked to me as if I was an exceptional person.

He asked me what I wanted. That is when, I requested him that I wish to write a letter to tell, how much I love both of you. Though I knew this was not allowed, I had a hope because God said he could not see me hurt so much.

Then God handed me a special paper and special pen to write this letter. I think this pen belongs to god, since he had it in his pocket before he gave it to me. I think Gabru is the name of the god messenger who is going to drop this letter to you. God also asked me to tell you the answer of one question you asked Him ‘Where was He when I needed him?’ “God said He was right there, as he is with all his children always”.

Don’t get depressed thinking about me. Oh, by the way,  no one else can see what I have written except both of you. Special people get special papers and powers. I have so much to write. If I get a chance to ask my next wish I will ask god to send me back to you.  I have to give this pen back now, so that god can complete his notes on world planner.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the most worrying part of last six months. I am completely fit now. There are no scars on my body. It doesn’t hurt anymore. The injuries of the accident are all gone.

Love you Mummy. Love you Daddy. Take care.”


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