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Dying Wish – Bury me with a Spoon and Fork

spoon and fork
spoon and fork

Mr Hiralal demised due to a heart attack after a long illness. He left a behind is amassed wealth to his 2 sons, 1 daughter and wife. The family was in a shock and the old employees had arranged all the formalities for the final rituals. As the final journey to the cremation ground was about to start, family lawyer ‘Mr Tiwari’ just stepped in with some papers in hand.

The two sons were confused when they saw the lawyer at such a crucial time. But before they could utter a word, the lawyer asked the family to come to a room. It was pin drop silence in the room and Misses Hiralal was unconsolable. Without wasting much time

Lawyer – ‘Mr Hiralal, had signed a dying wish and i want to read it’

Son1 – ‘This is not important now. We can do it later’

Lawyer – ‘His wish was that this letter be read before his cremation begins.’

the letter is handed over to Miss Tiwari, which is then passed to Son2.

Dear Kids,
 I do not want to take much time as I know all of you will  not be in a consolable state. But I have a wish, to be buried with a fork and spoon in my hand. You might wonder, why I have such a wish. Well when I was being bought up, I never cared about how I eat my food. But my father always reminded me that I should eat with a spoon and fork.  As I grew older, he would pat on my head if I forgot to eat without it.
 This are my memories of him. But later on, In all my years of attending parties I remember that when dishes were being cleared, the waiter would always ask me to keep the spoon and fork separate. This reminded me of my father but also at the same time I knew that something better was coming.
So I want the people to wonder ‘What is with the fork and spoon in Mr Hiralal’s hand’ when they see me. If anyone asks, you can just tell them ‘it is a symbol that shows -something better is coming’
Your Dad

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  1. Amar, excellent photo! I’d read that story before and love each time I see it. Nicely depicted with your photo.


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