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Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister breaks the shackle of indian politics

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister
Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister

It is election time in India. If we pick up any source of news (print, internet, radio etc.), then the elections in India are mostly debated news around the world. And at such a time, I got a chance to read the book ‘Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister’ which is a fiction of Indian prime ministers in future. The book was a great way to deflect myself from the opinions of media and put myself into the shoes of author Tabrik C thinking. Fictional depiction of things of how an Indian PM is formed is far from reality, but I hope this dream comes true and we get such strong leaders in our country.

The author has nicely woven the web of words around a candidate’s journey from music maestro to a prime minister of world’s largest democracy. In the process he describes the conspiracies, the childishness behavior, college experience, love life, friend circle, a person with a strong and weak side, conspirators and much more. True to its words, the book does end with a message that we can never outrun our fate.

The book revolves around the life of Siddhartha Tagore (ST) who has inherited the gift of music from his mother but does not want to follow the footsteps of his father, who is a respected Indian parliamentarian. His music power lands him in Harvard, where he meets twin sisters (both of whom admire him) and friend turned enemy who turns to kill his legacy at the end of the story.

Love blossoms in Harvard between ST and one of the twin sisters Rubya. The love experience at Harvard campus is beautifully expressed through different level of interactions as they progress their journey through graduation. At the same time ST also achieves a stardom in music and he is known as a Mozart across various musical forums and in Harvard. Have you ever seen that sunset never happens after a sunrise? Well you might never see. Same is the case with all of us human beings. Our life is made of ups and down. Similarly the author shows this ups and downs in ST’s life.

When ST finally decides to settle down with his lady love Rubya, fate had something else in story for her. She dies on the second day of marriage. ST is completely lost after that and he was being only controlled by K (ST called Rubya twin sister Karishma as K). After some months he disappears. He does write letters to K expressing his pain, but she never acknowledged them.

Strange as it may sound, but he also has a son who looks like him and author reveals him when ST becomes prime minister in the future. Long story short, ST finally comes to India to fulfill his father’s dream and his enemies try to find his weakness. At this point of time his past love life, his friend with a different name, the opposition leader who initially hated him but secretly becomes admirer and many more characters are introduced.

The author’s tries to show the kind of politics that goes on in India by showing interactions between

  • Prime Minister of India and President of India
  • Prime Minister interacting with Media, intelligence agencies etc.
  • Understanding of trivial issues of important to the country
  • Handling of situations which demand attention from the leader of a country and many more such instances.


But in the process the author also reveals that prime minister of India is a normal person who is a great musician. He shows the split characters that he possesses due to the loss of his loved one that he suffered early in his life. In the end the secret of the person who tries to destabilize India and kill prime minister of India is also revealed.

It is not easy to summarize such a beautiful 319 page book through this blog. But I bet reading it once, will make you read again. Especially if you are one of those person who has seen enough of lame duck politics and bad decision making policies in India, then this book gives an insight how much a strong leader can change things. Well what we need is a strong leader who can execute the plans, which no other politicians has done till now.


There are more twists in the book like how a Bengali boy settles in Delhi and how he influence the Mumbai family of his lady love. Another interesting part of his life is spent on street playing music when he was a normal person despite having a rich heritage/wealth. There are many such interesting stories revolving around the greatest future prime minister of India (i can ever think India can have) that author has painstakingly narrated for us. You can feel the atmosphere as you read through the book. Hence Grab a copy of this book and enjoy reading.



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  1. Commenting from the United States – This sounds like it would make a marvelous TV series. We’ve had several successful TV series that involved Presidential politics in our country. Human nature, after all, is the same despite cultural differences.


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