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I still love you


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This is the story of one beautiful couple who loved each other but had got separated because of some misunderstandings between them. Actually the man named as raj was the business tycoon. Few days back, he had overtaken one company which required some new employees. On other side, a lady named rani was in search of a job. This was the time where god had planned some things for them. One fine day, rani happens to see an advertisement for the post of personal assistant. She was very happy because this post was according to her qualification. But she wondered who the owner of the company was.


Rani applied for the job and she got a call for the interview. She gets ready and reaches the new office. Unaware of the fact that the company’s new owner is her husband with whom she had been staying away though they were not legally separated. She does all her interview work and gets selected as personal assistant for MD of the company, who is none other than her own husband.


As the days pass, she tries to hide her own identity from her colleagues. Raj was a stubborn person who always thought that rani got into company to underestimate him. He had hatred feelings towards rani. But fact was different. Since rani was staying alone, she was desperately looking for job to take of her daily needs, since she did not want to be a burden on anybody.


One fine morning, all were busy celebrating valentine day except raj and rani. Though raj was stubborn man, he never forgot the days he spent with rani. Both were busy in their dreams and work but were helpless when it came to wishing each other. At end of the day has everyone left the office, raj and rani were still occupied in their office work.


Raj walks by and tells rani that she can complete the remaining work tomorrow. Rani shook her head and said yes sir. But both hearts wanted to hear a wish as “Happy Valentine Day”. Though the hearts got the chance to wish, no one was able to take that first step. As both of them pack their bags and reach near the lift, the lights in the building go off. Rani without thinking anything   starts to walk using the stairs.


After crossing few steps, she remembers that raj cannot walk down the stairs easily due to his obesity problem and very high pressure. So she comes back and waits with him until the light comes backs. Raj now opens his mouth and tells her that I am fine, you go and I shall come by lift after light comes. Rani says no, I will wait. Raj says no need to show sympathy.


Rani fights back “I dame care about giving sympathy to you”. She continues “I am just waiting for the light so that I can go by lift”. Despite all the conversation raj starts walking and goes by stair. Rani also follows him. The office was on 9th floor of the building. After he reaches 2 nd floor, raj starts sweating and his body gets cooled up.

Rani comes running to him and tries to give him the water. He throws the water and tells her I do not need any help.  Aware of raj’s behavior, rani still tries to give the water. At last raj drinks the water. Unable to breathe raj continues his stair journey. Rani stops him and tells him you please wait for the lift. I shall use the stair and go to home.  You take care.


Rani pleads and was about to walk when the light comes back. But still rani prefers to take the stair. This time raj stops her and tells her to go with him by lift. Rani says you will be not comfortable and I do not want any more scolding from you. Raj says sorry for his mischievous behavior and tells her to share the lift if ever she had loved him. Rani with eye full of tears tells him she still loves him. Both hug each other and wish Happy Valentine day.



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  1. It’s a good thing they somehow found a way to put pride aside and confess their feelings to one another. Too many people let pride get in the way and loose the most important people in their lives. Great story that all can learn from.


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