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Friends at day and enemies at night – thanks to IPL

friend turned enemies
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This is story about the two roommates Ram Avasti and Shyam Srivastav, who were the best friends in the day and cruel enemies at the night.

Both came from different cities to do their engineering. Fortunately or unfortunately both were the roommates for coming 4 years. On first day of their engineering both decided to be together in any situation that they go through. As the days passed both became very good friends. They started to share their food, share their views, thoughts and lived happily with each other.

On fine day they saw exams dates on the notice board. This made them study hard and work towards achieving good grades/marks. On the result day, though they were worried about their marks they never let each other  know about it. They tried to convince each other saying that “Do not worry you will pass in the all subject”.

Finally results were out. Unfortunately Ram failed in two subjects and Shyam secured distinction. Shyam had become the hero and poor ram was unhappy with his marks. Two friends who had promised for each other’s support slowing started showing change in their behaviour. Ram was jealous about shyam performance. But Shyam had gained over-confidence and showed it with his attitude as if nothing is impossible for him.  Slowly things changed and they were only friends in the day and enemies at night.

Holidays started after first semester and both decided not to go to their native since the holidays were for only 1 week. Both friends were very crazy about cricket. It was an IPL seasons and both had the different favorite team. After much argument they decided to get starsports channel on their TV and also a subscription to starsports.com since they could either watch the match through Live Pro (unbeatable Live Hd experience with no advertisements) and Deferred live (entire video match for free with 5 minute deferred live stream).

However, they never liked to watch when other favourite team is playing. So both decided to toss the coin when both their teams were playing. Every time they had an chance to watch when their favourite team was playing. One fine night when it was Shyam’s turn to watch the match, even Ram wanted to watch the TV. Ram thought for a long time and came up with an idea. He decided to cut the cable wire. So he went to the terrace and cut the wire. Shyam got upset on the loss of connection and he tried to call up cable operator. But there was no response and ram with a inner simile looked at his room-mate.

Looking at the shyam’s face, ram inquired why he was so upset. He also suggested that if the match was so interesting he could go to the neighbour’s house. Shyam was upset and did not think at all. With no thoughts in the mind, shyam went to the neighbour’s house. Victorious Ram quickly went back to the terrace, fixed the wire and enjoyed the live IPL match as per his wish.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your short story. I’m always amazed at how close some people can be – then all of a sudden – no longer friends. Do you think they weren’t really friends in the first place?


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