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My house color reflects my personality that i see things on the bright side

There are many distinctions of the rudimentary colors. The lighter varieties, which are sometimes more applicable for covering the walls within our homes give us the same merits as the bold color but in a milder way.

When beautifying an area – the balancing colors, and their distinctions, should be recalled and combined with our key choice of color by way of soft fixtures perhaps, pictures etc.

It is also helpful to take in to account the characteristic of a room. For example, should you require a soothing atmosphere in a room, a combination of some warm colors (i.e. discrepancies of the warm colors of yellow, orange and red) to avoid the room feeling colder.

It is also notable that science has long acknowledged that color affects our behavior and the way we feel. After all, it’s the first thing we catalog and that we use to help gauge the things around us, such as whether assured foods, such as blue ones, might be venomous, for example.

Basically, when the light returned from colored objects strikes the retinas in our eyes, the wavelengths are converted into electrical desires. These pass into the part of the brain that rules our hormones and endocrine system, which are involved in regulating our moods. Automatically, then, our eyes and bodies continually adapt to these incentives, swaying our instincts and observations.

When using color in the home atmosphere, we all have our own individual select. Specific color choice can help towards providing a precise ‘feeling’ for a space.


Shades of Blue : Associated with sky, sea, earth and fire, as well as wide variety of shares to choose from blue is my first color of choice. It is called the color of intellectual or intelligence. Strong color denote clear thought while lighter ones show mental focus. It improves productivity and so is preferred as a good choice for study. Certain shades of blue relax, soothe and make us feel calm, which is why they are often a preferred bedroom color. Blue is also considered to be clean so works well in bathrooms and laundry areas

But is important to note that blue can exclude coldness & alofness. Hence it is not preferred in kitchens because we have a primitive instinct to avoid blue in foods – in facts, it can act as an appetite suppressant.

This color is also a crowd-pleaser. A preferred  go-to choice when someone wants to try “real” color. I want to try this shade of blue in Bedrooms and hallways.


Shades of Orange: This color is warm, passionate, sensual and fun. Bright colors are cheerful and tend to stimulate the appetite making them ideals for kitchens and dining rooms. This colors create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. I want to use this color for room where I can any activity area or rooms where I need to drive creative thinking. Some  other positive things about this color include

  • Warming and energizing
  • Can stimulate creativity
  • Orange is also the color of fun and sociability

Some negative things of the color include feeling of deprivation, frustration, immaturity and lack of intellectual values


Shades of Pink: This color soothes rather than stimulates.  Pink signifies wellbeing, feminineness, sympathy, liveliness, romance, and friendship. It evokes outlooks of compassion and love. Many of my friend’s don’t like pink, but they can’t deny the calmness they feel when they walk into my semi-pink colored rooms.

Researchers have also found that this color reduces anger hence color pink is placed in many hospitals, prisons, and health care facilities to help dissolve anger and encourage the feelings of calmness and love.

Some negative feelings of this color include smack of inhibition, emotional claustrophobia and physical weakness.

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