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Real Togetherness : Lifelong memories

It was one of those weekend during summer holidays when I was at home and relaxing. It was almost lunch time and Mom was feeling week as she was suffering from bad health. I was lazy to go outside. The excuse with which I convinced myself and others in the family was that it was too hot outside.

It was almost 12.30pm and dad was about to come home to have lunch. Worried I decided to help Mom in anyways I could.

Well, I just knew how to eat but i hardly learnt/explored cooking steps. I talked to my mom and offered any help. She smiled and asked how can I help?. I said mom you know me better so why not we cook a dish that is simple and healthy.

I just ran across neighboring grocery store and bought few tomatoes, chilies, mushrooms and coriander. I knew my mom was very careful about picking fresh vegetables since they provide the best taste and are good for health. I took them home and she was delighted to see my honest attempt ( I knew I was not as good as her).

So now it was time for me to start cooking with my mom. On one side my afternoon TV commitments were disturbing me and on the other side I remembered that I was in the middle of chat with a friend. For some time I decided to ignore everything else and focus on helping mom. I made the conscious choice since mom needed my help the most and hungry rats will start running in my stomach soon.

I watched as my mom got in action. I wonder if my presence gave her some energy. But she quickly cut the vegetables I got and started frying them. The aroma of food started touching me. Also probably for first time, I was seeing my mom in action in kitchen.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I guessed it was dad but when Mom opened the door she was surprised to see him. I guess it was because he came back early today. Smelling the lovely smell of food, he barged into the kitchen. Seeing the meal was still getting ready he also cleaned himself up and started helping us. My dad has previously cooked food for us on weekends and he was a cook who loved experimenting.

We were a team of three and I was wondering it would have been so nice if my younger brother was here to see the team in action (till today I recite this memory to him and he says you forgot to include me in such a beautiful memory. For me this memory is special because it was the first time I probably did something which my mom is always grateful for). Cooking the healthiest lunch, I was watching and thinking where I could help. Dad managed to cut some more vegetables to create a salad and asked me to help him with arranging the plates. I helped in setting up the lunch table and mom made sure curd is in a consumable form.

As we were about to start lunch the doorbell rang again. My brother came home from his practice match. Mom quickly made sure the vegetable gravy is properly cooked so that she can start making and serving us hot roti’s. She has always been a good multi-tasker and I wonder how she does it effortlessly.

Finally our family lunch was ready after a combined effort. The best part for me  is that , this was the first time I started entering kitchen and the meal was made by us together without getting distracted by other gossips. For the first time I learnt it is so important to prioritize rather than doing everything at one short. I totally enjoyed these moments of togetherness and is engraved in my memory forever.

We had a lovely time at the lunch table. I shared my stories while Mom talked about the recent gossips in the neighborhood. We just listened to her in awe since despite pain she was so happy to do her duty and make sure we are comfortable. A love or affection provided by mom can never be beaten.

This was my first sweet moment of togetherness that I will always cherish. There are many such instances but the first one is what I remember the most. Such moments are indeed the best part in my life, and it cannot be replaced by anything else in this world. Even Kissanpur is trying to deliver a message that emphasizes on being with your near and dear ones in real form and not in any other form such as digital.

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Here is an interesting video created by Kissanpur that motivates us towards togetherness :


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