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Drive,Design&Connect in Silicon Valley of India-Bengaluru

Image Credit : ndtv.com
Image Credit : ndtv.com

One of most sought out cosmopolitan city in India, Bangalore officially known as Bengaluru is known as the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role as the nation’s leading information technology (IT) and also called the garden city of the country. Bengaluru is blessed with a generous climate and it is one of the best places to experience the modern face of India.

Home to many Indian technological organizations and demographically diverse city, Bangalore is no doubt the fastest-growing major city in India.  Ranked fourth in India by overall GDP contribution, the IT hub of India’s is definitely India’s most progressive city.

Though development has its own set of scares coupled with traffic congestion and rising pollution levels, Bangalore is taking to preserve its green space and its colonial-era heritage. So while urbanization continually pushes its boundaries outward, the heritage dating back to British Raj years has remained more or less unchanged.  The city is known for a blend or rationality as well as its modern outlook. The life here is happening and this is one of the best examples of how good Design can create a well connected city where it is pleasure to drive.



With people from across the world inhabiting Bengaluru, the city has big plans to improve its design and infrastructure.  I love to drive within the city at night and explore its illuminated places since traffic nightmare is not there. But the city designers have made sure that at least the city planners are attempting that modern Bengaluru is also well designed

Bangalore is attempting to compete with leading cities by attempting to create best infrastructure and design.. With the onset of “Namma Metro” across Bengaluru in coming years life will become easy for the commuters. Though we have the buses running round the clock, but the traffic makes it difficult to reach the office on time, so the metro play a pivotal role here.

With many best industries from across the world  located here, Bengaluru is slowly building up the modern lifestyle while managing the Indian touch.  If you are social life addict, then are at the right place irrespective of your gender/age/religion/country since everyone is welcome here.



Bangalore, dons many hats from being an IT capital, to a music hub and also sports a vibrant shopping scene. Perhaps the nicest thing about the city is its geographical placement which allows an avid traveler to fill up the tank, rev up the engine, and hit the road. Road trips are the best expressions of freedom. Long weekends or not, there many road trips that can become a memorable drive from Bangalore. Pick from beaches, hill stations, forest reserves, and even a slice of history that makes it to the chart of memorable driving around Bangalore.

If spending the weekends in the numerous malls of bangalore is not your cup of tea then drive to nearest tourist spots by road and enjoy beautiful scenic view. Some of the nearby spots to drive are Mysore, Ooty, Nandi hills, Coorg and many more. With pleasant weather most of the time in the city, this drive is pleasant one


Connect :

Well connected to all destinations across the globe and India either by air/rail/road, traveling from Bangalore to another place is hassle free. With the launch of “namma metro”, residents of Bengaluru get more options to commute around the city apart from auto rickshaws, cars and buses.

No doubt this good connection is one of the reasons why so many people make Bangalore their new home every year for jobs, education and career.


To conclude Bangalore is my favorite cities because it offers everything and

  • It is a place where most of us come to live our dreams and build a career
  • It offers a fulfilled weekend getaways to nearby places


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