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HP Star Wars Notebook – Motivational Theme that i can use for inspiring others

I am going crazy because long awaited “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has finally released. The fans around the globe have gone crazy. Who wouldn’t! Are you?

Seemingly foraged from the debris of the second Death Star, HP’s new laptop brings dark side believers the battle-scarred Stars Wars chassis that many people have been waiting for. Loaded with rare content from the Star Wars archives, it unleashes the power of the dark side with the Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from HP. With a full HD display, Intel® Core™ processor, red backlit keyboard, audio by B&O PLAY, and a Galactic Empire-inspired design, it revels in its galaxy-spanning power.

Be prepared to surrender your senses. The protective foam cradling the system was designed to look like Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter Advanced x1 from A New Hope and the cardboard box holding the power brick features a display worthy print of Emperor’s right hand man.

Well, I would like to pay tribute to STAR WARS and show my fun side by organizing a STAR WARS themed party for the kids of NGOs that I work for.

Image credit : salibrarykids.wordpress.com


Themed party is not an easy task. The last time I planned a Indian festivals themed party for the kids and it needed lot of planning. Theme based activity needs lot of research. It is important to keep noting down lots of ideas and talk to different people to gather inspiration/innovative ways of doing party. At such times, with the amazing memory and wonderful display and the Star Wars themed laptop skin, party planning surely is going to be an amazing experience. The amazing Audio by B&O PLAY will surely going to make music selection easy for different kind of activities that will organized as part of this party. Listening to music is surely going to be a dazzling experience for all participants and proud moment for organizers like me.

The back-lit keyboard is a huge attraction on this laptop, because its red light makes its design look more beautiful. Moreover, the touch pad is another important piece of the design, because it is imprinted with an X-Wings’s targeting computer view of the Death Star trench. Besides this incredible paint job, HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook also comes with a huge collection of preinstalled Star Wars digital content which would be an amazing way to relieve stress.

Over 1100 images depicting 40 years of History of Star Wars, is include in HP notebook. Also by being a Jedi, most people can enjoy the first ever Marvel comics on Star wars, e-book excerpts and movie trailers that is included with this amazing come with this notebook. The indulgence does not end here. As we already taken a sneak peek into some exciting features, now it is my turn to see how i can use this notebook to awaken and test my fun side for kids.

Here are the different planning that i need to do to make sure a fun filled STAR WARS THEMED PARTY is organized that will #AwakenYourForce


    • Invitation is a must. A teaser email as invitation will also work for some kids. But first we need to make sure that star wars party invitation is nice so that we can building the excitement.  I can design my invitation card and save the dates to fit the theme using HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook


  • All participants especially the kids need to draw inspiration and have a custom made dresses that would look just like different characters of star war. HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook will be very helpful to do the research work and to design the dresses. I can research and give notes so that we can plan it out. Cost might be a factor so i hope to use some innovative ideas and keep the cost minimum.

    Image credit : http://www.howtorunakidsparty.com/blog/use-the-force-at-a-lego-star-wars-party/
    Image credit : http://www.howtorunakidsparty.com/blog/use-the-force-at-a-lego-star-wars-party/
  • Apart from the dress, i will design the entrance aisle using HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook into a special type of Star wars like opening crawl. I will change the font to Aurebesh on HP laptop, for Star wars fan users so that they can feel more involved in theme party organization

Here is how i plan to execute the actual party day

  • Introduction to set the agenda for the day :  When the kids arrive, gather them together for a few moments to set the scene and build a bit of Star Wars atmosphere. Some dialogues along this line “Our galaxy is threatened by the Empire once again. The Rebel alliance have come together and we need to recruit some new young Jedi who must be trained in using the force. You are here at this  party because you have been invited by the chosen one  – name of organizer. It is time for you to show your Jedi power. To find the force within you and together we will overcome the Empire. Help us Jedi friends..You are our last hope.”
  • Start Event 1 : Death Star Pinata
    Like the scene in the movie where Obi-Wan is training Luke to use the force and using his Light Saber blindfolded. One child at a time is blindfolded and has a go at ‘aiming’ and ‘hitting’ the piñata (put a plastic bottle on top). Give 3 whacks per child, then it’s the next person’s go. You can give the winner sweets or a Star Wars crafted gift.
  • Second Event 2 : Tie Fighters and X-wings
    Two children stand opposite each other and interlock fingers to make an arch. They become the first Tie Fighter. The rest of the children are X-wings. They make a line behind the arch made by the first two children. Put on some star wars soundtrack. The X-wings have to ‘stay on target’ and head through the dangerous ‘death star run’ (i.e through and under the arch). When the music stops, the Tie Fighters arms come down and catch whichever ‘X-wing’ is in their sights (i.e under their arms). The caught X-wing now joins the ‘Empire’ and becomes a Tie fighter making the arch one bigger. When the next X-wing is caught he makes a second arch with the last person. Continue until there is only one X-wing remaining.
  • Third Event 2 :Darth Vader Voice
    One child stands with his/her back to the others. You can blindfold as well to make sure they really can’t see! The others have to use lines from the film such as “The Force is strong with this one” or “You don’t know the power of the dark side” or “Luke, I am your father!” Each child (when they put their hand up to indicate they are ready) has a go at doing their best Darth Vader voice, disguising their own voice. The guessing child has to say the name of who they think is doing the impression. If they guess correct, they go again and somebody else has a turn at the Darth Vader voice. If they guess incorrect, the person who fooled them takes the guessing child’s place.

The above games inspiration was taken from the post http://www.howtorunakidsparty.com/blog/use-the-force-at-a-lego-star-wars-party/

The winner of above three tasks are given a separate dress which shows that they are respected members of JEDI council. Kids can enjoy the remaining day by playing different activities and enjoying food.

Since Disney has provided authentic sound effects so that when you unplug a USB drive from the laptop, you can hear R2-D2 screaming from the Bang & Olufsen speakers like he just took a hit from a Tie Fighter. Better yet, all of the sounds and effects are customizable, so you can setup the system with your favorite sounds and themes from the movies . With such a powerful music system execution of events will not be challenge.

As i execute my party ideas, i want some volunteers to help me in recording the memories. With the use of different photo editing software and HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook, i want to turn the party photo’s  into some interesting Star wars creations. In addition with 2GB Nividia 940M Graphics Card, I can make endless movies with my events pictures, videos and many more memories.

The party decor and the backdrop designing can be done on your HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook before sending them out to be printed.

Image credit : www.pinterest.com
Image credit : www.pinterest.com

The notebook comes with FHD Display and Windows 10 Home. I hope to relish my memories of the event using full HD display. As i end this planning exercise and wonder about execution, i hope the mighty force, will be with me to get this HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. As the force awakens again, let it stay with us all time. Hail Star Wars!!!  #TheForceIsWithYou #TheForceAwakens


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